Saturday, 5 July 2008

The million dirham abaya

Julia Robson
June 28. 2008

He is most famous for dressing royalty, notably queens and princesses, for their wedding days. Now Bruce Oldfield, the celebrated British couturier, has designs on something equally traditional: the abaya.

Last week in London, Oldfield unveiled what is thought to be the most expensive abaya ever made. Sporting bespoke Crosley diamonds on the collar and cuffs, the garment is valued at about Dh1.27 million (US$365,000).

The market for designer Islamic garments is growing, and, until now, the most expensive abaya cost about Dh364,000.

“Crosley approached me with the idea of having a collaboration and initially, I thought of making a wedding dress covered in diamonds,” Oldfield said. “Then we thought it would be a good idea to make an abaya. Why not? Every leading designer seems to doing this right now.

“This is the world’s first red carpet abaya.”

Read the rest here. What do you make of this story?


Anonymous said...

at first i thought its julia roberts(julia robson),lol. Abaya is beautiful,
i think this is for rich women who like to show off.
I like the simplicity of the cut and the colours.

Anonymous said...


m. said...

i think this is the opposite of what hijab and abaya stand for. i'm an advocate for looking good and looking elegant while still being modest. But such things, although i'm sure would have enough customers, to me... seem quite wrong.
I just feel that there are too many hungry people in the world to buy an abaya covered in diamonds. It's a garmet for crying out loud.

Alixianna said...

I totally agree with M. and intend to do a post on it---people were forbidden in the time of the Prophet S.A.W for making their garments to dra on the ground to show off their wealth in the form of the extra fabric they could afford to buy----covering something in jewels is much the same. You can make something beatiful in deisgn without showing of wealth like all that. There is a hadith that says a Muslim's clothing should be of a state that a rich man does not despise one, and and that a poor man does not feel less for the garment worn by one. I don't think this meets those requirements whatsoever.

Sis said...

Well even if I would have that much money I dont think I´d buy that expensive abaya (AllahuAlim) , but I think that its a waste of money ...

Moon said...

it is pretty.


excessiveness. showing off. wastefulness. etc. etc.

the abaya kinda had this "roll eyeball" or "raise my eyebrow" effect on me. yeah. million dirham n abaya?
yeah, that should do plenty of "good".

Hayah said...

I agree with most of you guys.. it's pretty and all.. but far, far too excessive. What a waste of money! You could buy a house for that amount..

Mina said...

Pretty, but not all that as they claim...
considering its over the top and unislamic, do you really think people would buy something as expensive as that, I for one would never buy an abaaya like that, its way to expensive Allahualim.
Quality over everything else.
Just think of how many poor orphaned kids you could feed with that money.

Aalia said...

I also agree with the idea that it defeats the purpose of being modest of your wealth. You can feed a whole African village (and then some) with the price of that abaya!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's that pretty for that much money! hmm.. even if it was for 30 dollars, I might scroll over it and maybe buy something nicer, sophisticated and simple black with fresh flowers on cuffs and border for 50 dollars. :)
well, that's what i think :)


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