Saturday, 26 July 2008

Mara Hoffman Fall Fashions

Mara Hoffman presented her Fall 2008/2009 collection at New York Fashion Week on February 2, 2008. Many of her outfits seem to revolve around the idea of a headcovering, the most obvious being the khaki green dress with matching headscarf. My favourite though is the pink and white patterned dress in the 3rd and 4th pictures - with a little tweaking, it would make a great abaya:


Basbousa said...

Lovely runway fashion!

Anonymous said...

what fashion show is this?

Anonymous said...

Wow beautiful! Im in lovee with the green onee!!!

pink_marshmallow said...

salam sis

love the coats mashallah, i have similar in brown from morocco and alhumdulillah it looks really nice in the autumn.

wa salam

mais said...

reshreshing... to see hijabi friendly clothes on the runways.
Although... winter is always a bit more covered than summer on the runways! (Well for the most part anyway :))

Anonymous said...

I like everything, especially the first one:)

Jana said...

Anon, it's from New York Fashion week, the link's in the post!

To those unfamiliar with hijab: these clothes are NOT hijab. I'm just showing how mainstream designers incorporate headcoverings into their designs. The requirements of hijab are detailed below:

Zeynab said...

I really like these fashions, even though I don't wear a headscarf.
And, as a Muslim woman who does not wear a headscarf but prefers clothing that fits her guidelines of modesty, let me say that I really enjoy your site and the looks that you come up with.


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