Monday, 28 July 2008

Hijab Style in the Guardian

Ladies, finally us hijabi bloggers are getting some recognition! A little while ago, I was interviewed by Homa Khaleeli, who writes for the Guardian, about how Muslimahs in the UK are becoming more creative with their headscarves. Here's the article:

The hijab goes high-fashion

Autumn trends are already appearing on the pages of glossy magazines, but for some fashionistas an important question remains unanswered. What will be autumn's key hijab look?
Muslim women anxious to keep their style cutting-edge are turning to an ever-expanding number of blogs, Facebook groups and YouTube videos to discover the hottest way to tie their headscarves.

Jana Kossaibati, whose blog, Hijab Style, claims to be the UK's first style guide for Muslim women, says women are getting more experimental. "Muslim girls are very conscious of the way they dress. When you wear a headscarf you stand out as a Muslim, so what kind of message are you also sending out if you look drab or messy?" Kossaibati started her site because there wasn't another like it in the UK, "but since it began 10 months ago a lot of others have appeared," she says.

Although older Muslim women often choose a style of headscarf that reflects their cultural heritage, younger women are mixing techniques from all over the Muslim world with newly created styles to complement Western clothes.

On sites such as Hijabfashionista and The Hijab blog, classic "Spanish", "simple braid" and layered styles are studied and copied by women who want to make sure their scarves turn heads. Other sites advise on the best scarves to wear for sport and even under a baseball cap.

With complicated knots and multiple layers, some of the most popular looks could take hours to create, but Jana advises fashion-followers to try her favourite, the flower hijab wrap: "It's fairly simple - you tie the scarf behind your head and then bring it over again to tie at the side like a flower."

As for the question of which headscarf will be the hot trend this autumn, Jana plumps for the "Turkish" style - tied under the chin and wrapped around the neck, which she thinks "signals a return to more grown-up, sophisticated dressing and the end of the summer holidays".


Now ladies, I don't know about you, but personally I like to keep the hijab simple. Sure it's fun to try out the fancier styles sometimes, but in all honesty, if I'm off to uni in the morning I really don't have the time to fuss and faff about with anything more than a simple shayla. Do you think the article is realistic when it says that hijabis are always on the look out for new styles? Let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

i thought ur name was haya

Basbousa said...

Wow, thats awesome :) Even if it's minimal about my blog, but the best is that we all get some recognition, like you said!

I always like to do new styles, but ofcourse I don't have all the time in the world to fix it in the morning.

pink_marshmallow said...

asalam alaikum sis

great article, its great that the yonger muslimahs are not seen as poor little girls being forced int to the hijab, but as strong muslim women who have a choice and are enjoying fashion at the same time.

i agree that the really fancy ones are good for now and again, maybe if your going out in the evening with friends or a wedding etc. i just about manage a simple wrap lol, so doing a fancy one i would need all day lol.

jazakallah for sharing, my hubby is enjoying my new found fashion sense, and says it looks really nice and subtle mashallah.

wa salam

Umm Salihah said...

Assalam-alaikam hayah,
I saw the article in the guardian and followed it back to your blog. Good article, great that they asked your opinion.

sayma said...

Jana, mahuallah i think your blog is good. There are somany muslim girls out there that are new to the hijab, or feel like they cant look good in hijab. So I think its good that you offer some fashion tips on how to wear hijab, not only that but how to dress. Coz sometimes its so hard to wear western clothe with hijab.

True though, when I'm going work and uni, I realy wouldnt have the time to do all these different styles. But yh, special occasions are the most appropiate times to do so

Anonymous said...

Yes I do think hijabis and non hijabi Muslimahs (who want to dress modestly) are always on the look-out for new styles. I really have enjoyed your blog -- wish you can partner up to offer options for those of us in the US market too

HollyGO79 said...

Salaam Alaikum I do try to stick with different hijab styles but honestly it is easier to keep it simple but I don't always do the easy thing! :)


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