Thursday, 31 July 2008

Hijab and Fashion

The recent media coverage of my blog started with the Guardian, and was then picked up on by several other websites and newspapers. Incidentally, the Turkish media pounced on the fact that I mentioned that Turkish style hijabs would be ‘in’ for Autumn, and I think I may have inadvertently caused a rush for all things square and shiny :D

But this sudden interest, which has driven thousands of visitors to the blog who do not make up my traditional audience, has been a bit surprising. I guess that’s because I didn’t realise that it was some sort of revelation that some Muslim women are interested in clothes that look nice as well as cover up. Us handful of bloggers are not the first, nor the only hijabis who enjoy matching our scarves to our tops, or finding great bargains on the high street.

Some people, both Muslim and non-Muslim seem to find the notion of ‘hijab fashion’ (and my blog is about style for goodness sake, not fashion), a contradictory concept. Apparently, modesty dictates that you look as ‘blah’ as possible. Apparently, wearing hijab means you should shun all worldly notions of ‘style’ and ‘looking good’. Apparently we run the risk of the hijab (well, actually, headcovering) become a mere fashion trend.


So with all this discussion going on, I thought I should at least express my opinions on what goes on here at ‘Hijab Style’.

Firstly, for those of you who haven't visited my profile page, I am a medical student. I am not a fashion designer/stylist by any means. This blog is a hobby, a creative outlet for me when I've had enough of extracellular matrix and pseudo-stratified epithelia. But I digress.

‘Fashion’ is not necessarily about what’s ‘hot’, or the latest fad, or having the most expensive designer gear. For me it’s about being creative within my limits, those primarily being price, availability and hijab-appropriateness of clothes. It’s about combining things tastefully and experimenting with fabrics, cuts and colours. It doesn’t have to be ostentatious. And to say that with the advent of such blogs, hijab is becoming a fashion statement is a bit misleading. My blog was originally aimed at Muslim women who wear hijab, not the general public, so I am simply complementing what already happens on streets the world over.

Secondly, if we think of hijab in terms of headcovering – it’s hardly an uniquely Islamic practice, as I highlighted previously. So just because D&G featured headscarves on their models, I don’t really think it has anything to do with hijab, as some articles would try to suggest (I was being sarcastic in that post). And even if headscarves do become 'trendy', then why should that affect us? After all, most of us started wearing hijab because we felt it was a religious obligation. None of us enjoys getting told to 'go back to your country'. If this 'trend' means we will be seeing more modest clothing in shops, then great. If not, then we'll just carry on what we've been doing all this time - layering and mixing and matching to suit our needs.

My point is that the way I expected most readers to view this blog (and I reckon most do) is that you visit maybe once every so often to get ideas for how to pair different items together, some bargain finds, interesting colour combinations, or maybe you have a special event and you don't know where to find hijab-appropriate clothing for it. I do not (nor do I expect any reasonable Muslimah to) think about fashion and the newest way to tie my hijab 24/7. I believe that we need to have a balance in our lives. If you are constantly in front of the mirror fussing with 5 scarves on your head, and neglecting your duties to Allah (swt), then obviously there is a problem. Nothing in excess is ever good.

But let's not go from one extreme to another: there is nothing wrong with wanting to look presentable and put-together. There is nothing wrong with having a personal sense of style. Islam does not dictate to us which colours to wear or which hijab wrap is the best. The rules of hijab are simple and clear, and we should not over-complicate things.

With that, I do wonder if non-hijab wearing ladies would ever be interested in the blog, purely from an aesthetic perspective? Should it aim to be? Or must the discussion always centre around the hijab itself?

I’d love to hear thoughts and opinions from everyone.


Alexis, Chicago, IL USA said...

I am not Muslim, and I have only skimmed your blog.

But I am totally interested from an aesthetic perspective, especially as I adore scarves and often wear them. The joy in styling oneself to appear some particular way is the same, even when the parameters of the finished process are different.

As for the aim, I think you should decide for yourself! My humble opinion is that imposing any kind of protocol on it will make it less fun for you, as you seem to use it to de-stress.

Anonymous said...

I have not worn hijab all my life, being from an American/European background, so I often find that other sisters have better styles and know where to get the nice clothes. By reading a hijab style blog, it keeps me from wearing clothing and accessories more suited to a woman twice my age (23). Prior to gaining insight on Islamic fashion that is age appropriate and halal, I had precisely one navy blue jilbab and a few Syrian abstract designed scarves. Now I wear western overcoats as jilbab if they are suitable and I am no longer afraid to wear shaylas now that I know how to tie them. I have also discovered tesettur fashion, which I am very happy to see gaining popularity outside Turkish communities. I have also sent articles on hijab style to non-Muslim friends that are attending a function with Muslims or otherwise need a clue as to what to wear in an Islamic environment.

Safiya Outlines said...

Salaam Alaikum,

Mabrouk on the success of your blog. Masha Allah you've been mentioned on Jezebel too:

I'm not much of a fashionista, but I love your blog and think you're doing a great service for Muslimahs! :)

Layale said...

Salam Jana,

I clicked onto your blog from the guardian article and I love it! Lovely ideas, beautifully presented. Keep it up inshallah.

nihad said...

Hijabstyle, the name itself seems to attract attention. People assume that if is stylish it cannot be hijab even though u have such good ideas for modest clothing. Most of my nonmuslim friends dress so modestly along with showing good behaviour. I also know many muslimahs who wear hijab but modesty if u think in terms of behaviour is completely lacking so who is the real hijabi here. After all clothes do not make a man or woman here.... As long as I am following the rules of hijab, I think it is for me to decide how I dress. Islam does not belong only to the chador or abaya wearing muslimah. It belongs as much to the nonhijabi muslimahs. I am a hijabi but that does not mean I cannot be presentable and stylish. Islam is not about what u wear, it is about how u live. You will always have critics. It just shows how popular ur blog has become.

mais said...

Dear Jana;
i realise that sometimes with all the attention, comes unwanted attention and remarks, and it hurts most when it comes from muslim people who claim you're doing a de-service etc.
hijab and style are not a world apart. i have attended a hijab workshop recently, which talked about the islamic concept of hijab and the rules etc. and there is no indication against being styled and looking presentable. in fact the aya that talks about hijab menthions decorations and feathers, as in it's ok to use ornamental decorations, wa Allaho a'lam.
personally, my mom was the first person to wear hijab in my surroundings, about 17 years ago, and she looked so wonderful and elegant. she paid attention to her colours and how they fit together, and the fabrics she used (due to lack of hijabi clothes, she got most of her early outfit tailored)... sorry if i digress...
but the idea of good style along with hijab is not new... it did not start with the internet, or the blogs. it's just that people like you Jana, and fellow bloggers are doing us a great service by giving us ideas, and even a room for expression and meeting.
Don't feel de-spirited please... you're blog is absolutely lovely, you have excellent taste. you have not voilated any rules, if people don't like it, it's their opinion, and they can always adapot some ideas and make them more or less hijabi or "modest" as they please... and if they're so offended they don't have to come again!
finally i want to say... as muslimah living in the west, a stylish hijab makes it much easier to be accepted as opposed to a "blah" of lifeless colour. many of my non-muslim friends feel hijab is very elegant and it gives Islam a good name when its carried properly.

wel salam

Mariam said...


I stopped to wish you continued success and tell you to keep doing what you do! Plus I have to mention that I broke the story on hijab fashion blogging before the Guardian ;)

Take care and keep up the good work,

hani said...

You have a great blog going on here, an interesting read indeed. :)

Anonymous said...

From "across the pond" I have to say that this is the best spot on the internet for finding good balanced coverage of hijab styles. I am not one of your youngest readers, however growing more mature doesn't mean losing one's sense of style. I really like all the options that are available to muslimas, and enjoy your blog.
Keep up the good work!

awa said...

"a creative outlet for me when I've had enough of extracellular matrix and pseudo-stratified epithelia" LOL!!!

somi said...

Jana, I think it's sad that what started as as a hobby for you has become so politicised just like everything in Islam- it's sad when the controversies detract attention from the real purposes.

I've only recently become a hijabi and chose to do so in a city that doesn't have a single "Islamic dress" outlet. I found your website to be SO VERY helpful in giving me ideas firstly about how I could go to everyday outlets and create decent outfits, and more importantly how I could incorporate what I already own into a hijab-friendly look. It's made everybody realise that hijabis can wear jeans etc too, as long as it's within limits. And it's made my employer very happy that I can wear hijab and look like a professional, not a terrorist!

Jazakallah, please keep up the good work!

Aisha La Estudiante said...

Sallam sis,
Congrats on your recent media debut. Although, your page has always been stylish and a fun read you will certainly be rising to the occassion with even more riveting blogs. I love the fact that there are hijabi style blogs encouraging sisters to think for themselves, yet new styles while respecting our standards. You're totally our number one favorite in the states!


Sofi said...

From someone who has been reading your blog for a while, I would wholeheartedly encourage you to continue with how you started this blog and with your initial intentions on which direction you wanted it to head in. I wont insult your intelligence by requesting you not to be dragged down in the politics of others. Clearly, they have nothing better to do.
Is there anything wrong with the hijab seen as a fashion accessory, I ask you all?

pink_marshmallow said...

asalam alaikum sis

subhanallah i am sure you are overwhelmed with the response you are receiving, but all your hard work for helping us sisters who may not be able to afford big prices are able to get ideas and go to the less expensive shops.

jazakallah for all that you do and inshallah all that you want to acheive in the future.

wa salam

Anonymous said...

salaams sis,

wanted to add on to what everybody else was saying. your blog is so cool, keep it up. dont change a THING, except make it better. i even love the haute couture links you put in, and how you have links from all over the world. like one of the other commentators said, i love this blog for showing me how i an dress my age - because i didnt have a clue for such a long time!


Sara said...

Salam Jana,

I had left a comment yesterday at MMW about the irony of "hijab fashion". I thought I should elaborate a little bit here.

Of course there is no contradiction between wearing hijab and having a sense of fashion.

I also usually mix and
match different peices of clothes to get a nice combination of colors, cuts and textures. It not only makes you look presentable, but makes you personally feel good (when I was a teenager my mom would sew me clothes that were both fashionable and hijab-friendly, we would choose the fabrics, styles from style magazines,... I still have and use some of them). I was actually fascinated the first time I saw your blog, you were doing what many of us were doing for years, and it can help out many people.

So what do I mean by irony?
There is a difference between looking nice and fashionable and following each and every fashion trend, and as you have mentioned puting all your energy into a weird 5-scarf assembly every day. I also think that obsessing with fashion trends and "do's and dont's" and "what is in this season" kills people's creativity and individuality ...
My impression is that it is also not what god would want us doing, of course it is just what I think and I honestly don't judge other ppl for what they do.

I generally like your blog and it's the only fashion blog that I regularly check, and it sometimes gives me ideas, although of course we have differences in taste (I cant bear heels :-S). There is only one thing that I don't like about it. I don't like the idea of trying to pull together a hijab friendly version of this of that celebrity's outfit. I guess you have some readers who really enjoy it or even demand such posts, but it just gives me a cringe. If I would have liked to look ike a celebrity I would have made very different life choices...
This again doesn't make me judge you or anyone else, I just pass that post and go to the next, everyone cannot think the same, and we should respect one another.

Anyway, I wish you joy and success, and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

As Salam wa alykum

I just wanted to say.. May Allah swt ..reward you for your efforts in the dunya and akirah. Ameen.

Since January when i came across your blog, Alhamdulillah I was happy to see such a nice blog. All praises are for Allah swt. You are doing a great hobby time activity, keep in up.

When in life an individual gets critised or feels as though have they have been misinterpreted ... stay strong and reflect. Allah swt knows our intentions not the people in this dunya (world).You just be the best of Muslim and strive for Allah pleasure sis, only he can judge you.

As someone has previously mentioned there are always things on here that people reading or coming across your blog may misinterpret...but i see it like this, if they have an issue they should get in touch with you and try and resolve in the best of manners.

Forgive me if i have upset anyone this was not my intention.

Peace to you sis

wa alykum as salam.

Giulia said...

As a non-Muslim, I find that everyone should be allowed to express themselves, even through their clothes. And no, I do not think that covering your head and neck is in any way different from covering your bosom and legs or other regions for the sake of modesty. Modesty is a relative concept, it changes from culture to culture. As long as people have a choice, let them exercise it at will.

Which reminds me of a beautiful Muslim girl I once spotted at the airport. She was wearing hijab so beautifully: hers was all cream and green. She was also very pretty, and hijab all but offset her beauty.

So kudos to you, my dear.

elia mohamed said...

Aslmkm Jana! Your site's reeeeaally pretty and well put together. You have brilliant ideas and great taste! So please don't be disheartened by the negative comments. By all means, enjoy your creative outlet! You're helping and inspiring lots of hijabis (and non-hijabis) along the way :)

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I posted on your blog, but I love love love reading it. I am tired of some people who say that as Muslimas we should dress blandly. There is nothing wrong with being presentable and thinking about how your clothes look while being modest. Many shiyukh also have this opinion that Muslimeen should always look clean and presentable and modern at the same time,so I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to look modern and modest. I love fashion and I like adopting things to my modest dress and this is why I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work

Aalia said...

Asalaam `alaikum Jana:-)

I am happy about the success of your blog and the good dawah it gives in ways of al-hijab! Masha'Allah!

BarakAllahufeeki wa salaam `alaikum!

P.S. Don't care what any nay-sayers say *lol*

Sharshura said...

Hi, I just wanted to say as a long time reader of your blog that I LOVE IT!!

When I started reading your blog I had not put on the hijab but I was thinking about it and researching it. As a convert to Islam it was very difficult for me to come to this decision when most of my friends and family did not understand why Muslim women wore it. And honestly, in the past I did not understand it as well. As I progressed in my learning of Islam and the role of women in Islam it became apparent to me that this was something I had to do.

However, I was EXTREMELY scared about it. I had faced enough racism without my hijab and I didn't want to face anymore. Your blog was one of the blogs that became my refuge and gave me strength to do what I knew was right. It has helped me learn so much about dressing modestly and looking good. I am not a very fashionable person and I can't say I got this whole hijab thing down quite yet, but I'm working on it. Your blog gives me the encouragement to do so.

I know I left a rather long comment but in the end I just want to say thank you for creating this blog.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work. This is dawah so don't let the negativity get to you. When you're trying to do something right -there's always 5 milion trying to stop/discourage you.

BTW: I was watching an episode of "Akhar Moda" on the Egyptian cable channel Dream today and they had this lady by the name of Marwa Baghdadi?!? (something like that) showcasing the many ways you can wear this amina-like hijab embelished wrap. Its like sewn on when end, just a small portion where its needs to be held around the face or neck and the rest is long and you can wrap, style it anyhow you want.Do you know where I can get hold of them outside Egypt? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum Jana
Many many Congratulations ,im so happy that you are now getting official recognition for all the effort and time you put in writing your blog and inspiring us each and every day. Alhamdulillah Jana you are so bright and talented and your intentions to please Allah alone is so obvious. As a Muslima wearing hijab I find your blog very refreshing and your inputs pertinent.

I support you 100 %
BarakAllahu Feeki Ukhti

Jaime said...

I came across your blog via Jezebel, and I like your writing and the images you bring together. It's an interesting perspective I don't encounter. So I added you to my bloglines subscriptions. And that's why I'm here. :)

rummage said...

Dear Jana,
As you said, I like to come on this blog here and now to view what lovely ideas you have presented in a neat and interesting way. Don't be disheartened by such comments you may receive because we should all remember that it is intention that is key and if your intention is clean and harmless (which I think it is), then , inshallah, it will be OK with Allah. I say this because it should be the only thing that makes u think and not random individuals who seem to have different schools of thoughts than you.
Thank you again. Salam

M.E. said...

Jazaakillahu Khayran, just happened to come by your blog, not through the Guardian (whatever that is) nor the latest way to tie the hijab blah blah, lost my train of thought. Anyways, nice blog you have here mashaAllah. I find myself undecided on the issue but I am interested in seeing how it pans out. More of a selection and it should be entertaining to see how they wear it (as an actual hijab or a scarf, as I've been seeing more of the latter). "extracellular matrix and pseudo-stratified epithelia" You're makin me scared to take A&P and Microbiology =P. Sorry its so long. Take care and Allah ybaarik feeki. Ameen.

Anonymous said...

Salam Jana,
i decided to dress modestly, and so ,i come to your blog because i need inspiration what to buy and information what is islamically acceptable.Jazakallah

Yasmine said...

Salaams Jana

I think your blog is wonderful .Though i am not a fashionista and wear the abaya quite simple.Fashion is just one of the things that women like .A bit like going through vogue or marie claire you flick through it for ideas and to see what the latest trends are.Wether you wear those clothes or not.Keep up the good work by reading the comments you can see that hijabi blogs help lots of sister out.take care.
wasallam yasmine

sayma said...

Don't listen to what anyone else says... why should that bother you? Infact if anything, your getting publicity lol!!! I think you are doing an awesome job here mashuallah, forget the haters! Since I've visited your blog, I've become so addicted, I look foward to what you cover each day, and its an inspiration to other hijabi sisters.

Scarf Ace said...

i just want to sincerely congratulate you on the success of your blog. you do a great job and i often wonder, 'wow, how does she find such great photographs and information!' i only wish u could link to american stores--but that's because that's where i live! still your suggestions are universal and i appreciate your style! jazaakaAllah.

Anonymous said...


I am not exaggerating when I say your site is exactly what I was looking for!! :D

It is a task and a half trying to find modest clothes in most high street shops, and I am not the best in the world at layering, so you have really helped me out. With your focus on budget-friendly yet expensive looks your hobby is helping out many many girls who wanna look modest yet stylish :)

keep up the great work! :D

Anonymous said...

oops i meant budget friendly yet expensive-looking outfits lol


Anonymous said...

Salam Jana,

Please continue! You present hijab friendly and yet nice looking clothes, non-muslims looking on you site will understand that hijab is not oppressing women, and muslims reading your blog will have ideas and inspirations how to dress. So do not listen to nagtive comments on your blog, they would like to stop you, because it has positive effects both for muslims and non-muslims.
You go girl!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Salaam Jana

Pls dont be disheartened. I always check your blog and loads others to find styles that suits us. You do the hard job for us and May Allah bless you for that.

Sisters from La Veil

Jana said...

Thank you so much everyone! It's great to know I have this support, and that you're finding the blog helpful!

Re Sara: I rarely, rarely do celeb based outfits, and even when I do, it's not to imitate them, but because celebs are usually lucky enough to have very talented stylists who put together great outfits for them. And like anyone, we can take inspiration from them. Plus, I find it's always better to see outfits/colour combos in real life rather than just in a set.

nursheikha - I think you're reffering to the Kuwaiti hijabs:

wild_poppy said...

i love your blog. where i come from (singapore), hijabi girls find it a challenge obtaining hijabi-friendly clothes that are trendy and young. Most clothes appropriate for hijabi girls here tend to be designed for the older generation. Given our sweltering tropical climate, only minimal layering can be done. At the end of the day, all the hijabi girls tend to look alike cuz we all wear pretty much the same things (whatever that's long sleeved and not too tight, like Indian-style kurtas, long sleeved baby-doll dresses or shirt-dresses). I find Hijabi fashion from the middle east, europe and north america very inspiring...makes me want to be more adventurous with what i wear everyday. i always wear the Malay style hijab and now im experimenting with other styles (shaylas etc)just to shake things up. thanks to hijabstyle for the inspiration.

darcy said...

Well, I am not Muslim, and I subscribe to your blog and find it very interesting, so there you go :)

Don't really see how hijab could become "trendy" off the runway, though. I can only imagine the reaction I would get here in the UAE if I decided to wear a headscarf occasionally because I thought it was "fashionable" or "looked good". I actually would wear it sometimes if i could, because I find many hijab styles very pretty, but I assume it would be seen as misguided and insulting, at best.

Anonymous said...

Salam to all,

Hope ya all well InshAllah!
Lovin the blog, MashAllah, keep up the hard work Sr.

Jus wanted 2 know wether anyone knows how to wear the Hijab the arab way, i jus got back from saudi and LOVE the way arab women wear their hijab. They sort of wrap it round... and then it flows off the top off their head. Bit confusing, but would love to learn how to wear it like that if anyone is willing to break it down for me InshAllah.
Love & Du'as
Sr Anon. :D x

Jana said...

wild_poppy, glad I could inspire you :D

Darcy, I don't think anyone would be insulted at all! Headscarves are for anyone who wants to wear them - not just Muslims. I htink the ladies would be quite flattered actually!

Sr. Anon, check out this post:

InAQuandry said...

I have a question I have been wanting to ask, but I do not want to offend my Muslim friends. I find the Muslim style dress appealing, not because I am Muslim but because I want clothing that is both modest and attractive. I would not wear the hijab because it seems to be a religious statement. My question is, would my wearing other pieces of clothing favored by Muslim women be insulting to Muslim women?

Jana said...

InAQuandry, of course not! I for one would be very proud to know that there are other women out there who appreciate the way we dress. Modest clothing is not exclusive to Muslims, it's for ALL women!

CuTi3_p3aNut said...



-FINAZ YUNUS- said...

Asalamualaikum sis,

your blog name was saleable name which is hijabstyle.It will be better if you may review hijab each muslim country with their unique style. Hopefully Muslim and non muslim will more take attention about hijab and muslim fashion in the future.
wassalam sis , you did Great blog

La ilaha illa Allah said...


I just wanted to commend you for your effort on this blog.
i am 18 and have been wearing the head scarf for about 10 years now. Living in a non muslim country i find it has been important to add a flare to wearing the head scarf. it helps show the non muslims that we women are not oppressed just because we dont wear mini skirts and show our hair.
It has always been great to hear people complimenting when they like what they see. Although it is the single most important thing that we are wearing the hijab because Allah made it an obligation upon us to wear it (and we should all in sha'Allah be wearing it for that soul reason). It always helps to wear it with some fashionable sence. When you look put together, use colour, and make your outfit work, people in these countries take you more seriously and it helps give yourself confidence.
Also ive noticed you put somee sites for headscarfs and abayas and the like, i came accross this one located in the USA i enjoy. It may be of some help to some women. ...
check it out,
BarakAllahu feekum

Anonymous said...

/` \/ `\ _ _ /` \/ `\ _ _ /` \/ `\ _ _ /` \/ `\ _ _
\ / /` \/ `\ \ / /` \/ `\ \ / /` \/ `\ \ / /` \/ `\
'. .' \ / '. .' \ / '. .' \ / '. .' \ /
\/ '. .' \/ '. .' \/ '. .' \/ '. .'
jgs \/ \/ \/ \/

love this blog

bluegeese said...

Hi Jana

I don't normally comment on blogs, but here I am leaving 2 comments in one night! (The other was re. Afghan fashion). I am not Muslim, but I really appreciate modest fashion, particularly after living for a year in Indonesia and now in Kabul. I also am needing to wear appropriate clothing and headcovering while living in Kabul. Your blog is really helping me find a way to do this that is still fun and fashionable.

So thanks from this Australian (living part time in Kabul).

Anonymous said...

Salam Jana!
Omg, its amazing that someone like u, who is busy as a medical student, can have time to frequently update things on your blog. Its an awesome blog! Subahanaalh, what a coincidence, we both have the exact same intrests! I would love it if you respond!
yalla, i hope i see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Salam sweetie,

I recently starting wearing the hijab Al-HAmdulilah and am happy to say I feel like Ive been re-born!!!Im a fashion designer and find this as a bonus Al-Hamdulilah to my new life-style...i accidentally came across ure blog...I just want u to know...its sooooooooooooooooo 'Happenin"...I love it Mashallah.Jizhaki Allah Khair...Inshallah we will be in touch.If u have face book please add me, Hebah Al-Hasan.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jana

I'm another non-Muslim reader of your blog. I love how positive it is, celebrating clothing and women from all around the world. It's not just Muslims who have trouble finding clothing that doesn't bare all, believe me. It sometimes seems like designers are in a conspiracy to turn us all into dirty flashers. Rails and rails of plunging, backless, strapless, peephole or mini dresses! And don't get me started on the curse of spaghetti straps.

Also, this blog has helped me in another way. I have a (very stylish) friend who is a Muslim and recently decided to go hijab. At the time it was a bit of a shock to me at the time (although I made supportive noises). This blog has helped me achieve some insight into her decision.

So keep it up, I love it! Especially the outfit sets you post (brilliant colour combinations) and the links to articles (so interesting).

Saheedat said...

Asalam Aleikum Jana,

I most confess you're doing a great job for both young and adult muslimah, with these it shows that one can dress in an Islamic way and still look good and gorgeous. The blog is really is encouraging using Hijab with modern style and fashion. May Allah S.W.T continue to increase your knowledge.

Keeps the work going.

Ma saalam


fa said...

Hey Jana, as always....i am here again complimenting the gud job u r doing :) I also have a medical background but had always wanted to start a business on modesty clothing as I felt there was a need for it here. I got a sarcastic response to my press release:

However, after I explained myself and cleared the misunderstanding, it has all been good and positive:)

Every person has a right to his or her own opinion. If sumone doesnt like your blog, they can simply avoid it...its as simple as that.

Keep up the good work.

Aminah said...

Salaam alaikum,

I love your blog and think you have got the approach spot on. I converted to Islam at the start of the year and have found your blog really useful for ideas on how to incorporate my 'old' wardrobe into a more hijab-appropriate collection. I did always love fashion and was nervous about how putting on my hijab would effect my outlook on my own style.

I love wearing abayas but being British and having very 'westernised' taste in fashion I felt it was necessary for me to hold on to my own sense of identity whilst still wearing hijab appropriately. So I am really grateful to you for creating a blog that helps Muslim women incorporate their personal sense of style into an Islamic context.

As we all know there are no detailed specific rules on what hijab should be, what exactly our clothes should look like or what colour/style/material etc. things should be. As you show in all of your posts it's about dressing modestly in whichever way you feel is most appropriate to you in accordance to what you believe Allah has prescribed for you.

I think many women, Muslim and non-Muslim could benefit greatly from reading blogs like this in order to gain greater insight into the benefits of dressing modestly and the sense of freedom and confidence that comes with it.

I still struggle sometimes with the 'onion effect' (so many layers! lol!) but I have honestly found your blog very helpful in locating items which can help with this.

Mashallah you have a great sense of style and a wonderful way of connecting with your readers. Keep up the good work inshAllah and I wish you the best of luck with your studies and hope Allah leads you to success.


Ishy said...

salam ma lakum sister Jana
I would liek to say thank you for creatign thsi blog and I hope that Allah extends His blessings upon you and He makes your studies easier for you.
I love the blog, I am a African London based Muslimah who is heavily considering becoming a hijabi at the age of 20. I have been readign blogs for the past coule of weeks and you are the first (and maybe only, I can't remember) British hijibista that I have come across and i am happy, as you bring many aspects of being a Muslimah in the West to the table.
I was concerned about hte use of colors and using my current wardobe in an islamic way but that is no longer the once again thank you.
walakum salam, and maybe once I have gotten co-ordinated and confident I will send you some pictures.

Zahara said...

You have great Blog. hightly useful for moslem.

jessica said...

i spend a lot of time in morocco because of professional and personal reasons: i'm getting my ph.d. in islamic architecture, and my husband is moroccan. i am not muslim, so even in morocco i dress a bit more liberally than the styles featured here, but i love this blog because it helps me put together cute outfits that are modest and respectful! so keep up the good work. :)

Anonymous said...

Salam Jana,
Je trouve votre site extra, moi je porte le hijab seulement depuis trois ans et suis tombée sur votre site par hasard ce matin, qu'elle agréable surprise!!!
Al hamdulilah, c'est justement ce que je recherchais, je commence tout juste des cours de couture et souhaite par la suite créer mes propres vêtements, et bi idhnillah, ouvrir un jour une boutique, votre site me donnera de bonnes idées, donc barakallahou fik oukhty et allahi barak a3lik docteur!!!!
Latifa, une muslima de France

-- M said...

I came across your blog searching for a "definition" of hijab -- becoming only recently aware that it was more a style of dress than a particular article of clothing. I think your blog is a neat idea, especially in that it serves as a break from study and seriousness (which I also recently read is an ideal trait in followers of Islam).

Thank you, congratulations on your popularity, and be well.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou thankyou thankyou!
InshAllah you keep it up
Great tips and ideas

Anonymous said... name is Rose from indonesia.
alhamdulillah i found this beautiful and inspire blogs. Thank you my dear sister for making this creative site. I wear hijab for almost 5 years and i feel much...much better then before.
right now i am running my own muslimah boutique in Indonesia. I feel so happy if i can make my customer more beautiful wearing my collections. I wish i can make many muslimah choosing to wear hijab properly and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

As Salaamu Alaikum Sister,

I just so happened to come across your blog almost two years ago, browsing around for a site or blog for Muslimahs that gave ideas on hijab. The blog that I had subscribed to before, no longer had updates.

I've been Muslim for almost 11yrs now and Masha Allah, you've been very helpful to me with your different ideas on hijab style by still keeping it halal.

Your blog is fun to read and look at. I often find myself sharing with my FB and twitter friends.

Although I'm in the USA and some of the stores that you might mention in your blog aren't necessarily available in my area, I've been able to know what to look for when that time came to go shopping for bargains.

Again sister, thank you so much and keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

This article is great. Jana you should blog for Vogue or Glamour! You are so relevant. I am not a Muslimah, but I have a very stylish friend who is. She always looks really stylish and incorporates her hijab with on trend looks. She gave me the link for this blog. Wearing the hijab and being stylish means showing your personality and not being boring.

I love your point about maintaining your style and looking edgy whilst wearing the hijab. Why would you want to look 'blah'? (This goes for white girls too). Let your personality shine through, cos that what it's all about - whether revealing or not. Brilliant stuff! Keep blogging Jana!

PS/ I LOVE your reader profiles on this blog. They are all such stylish ladies! xoxox

Sher's Thoughts said...

I LOVE your blog !!! Please keep it just the way YOU want it. It is informative, fun and you give great advice for outfits. I am not Muslim but my outfits now have a polished look and my collections of scarfs have grown. I've been reading your blog for over a year now and have passed your site on to others. Muslim women are not the only women who like to dress modestly and it's hard to find sites that have samples, advice and options. Thank YOU !!!!!!


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