Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Heidi Braid Hijab

We used a similar style to this a lot on the models at the IslamExo fashion show. To make it simpler, leave out the second scarf (step 6) and simply twist the end of the first scarf tightly and wind around the top of your head. Click to enlarge:


ammena said...

interesting, I always wandered how they did that tie at the back thing. You helped with the fashion show? thats cool.. so you will be the sister to show me the styles when i get back? ;)

sayma said...

jana, similar to this style, i saw a white lady travelling to Estonia in Gatwick Airport, wearing a hijab similar to this style. But instead of wrapping around the head (pic 8), she tied a very small bun at the back of her hijaab. Its similar to the one of the posts u posted months ago i think. It looked nice but how did she manage to do it so neatly?! U have inspired me with these different designs, but some of these are so time consuming!

Jana said...

Ammena, sure thing hehe!

Sayma, that style it super easy, but needs to be done meticulously in order to stay put. One way of doing it, is to follow the steps here until no. 5 or 6 , depending on if you want to use 1 scarf or 2. Then insteading of winding the braid around your head, simply wind it around your bun (a high one is best). I'll see if I can find other how-to's for it!

San said...

Asalaamu alaikum sisters, I just trembled through this site via facebook, and I was amzed to see the this link. mash'Allah very inspiring. I was part of the fashion show and helped do most of the hijabs. This really is a good surprise to see.

Jana said...

:O Sana?


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