Thursday, 14 August 2008

Busana - Hijabi Fashion TV

Busana (which means couture) is a Malaysian TV programme with a focus on fashion for Muslimahs! In each episode, the tudung-clad presenter takes us shopping for the latest clothes, shoes and accessories, as well as exploring the Muslim fashion world. And whilst I can't understand a word of what's being said, I still found it fun to watch! You can catch all the epsiodes here, although the older ones don't seem to work for me.

I love the bright colours and cute hijab styles. It's like Malaysia's very own Trinny and Susannah (but better):


Basbousa said...

I looove the video! Thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

Dearest sister,

I'm a muslimah frm spore. I love your post. I love it when u post muslimah fashions of many countries. very inspiring.

May Allah bless ur efforts. Luv ya for the sake of Allah


Yan said...

Assalamu alaikum

Hi, I live very near Malaysia :) I could understand what they were sayin...basically, the show is really fun, only the segment on the blings blings was a bit too high-class..hehe

Basically, the clothes are nice but mostly are to attractive and actually defeats the purpose of hijab...

Just my thoughts..


Picture Perfect Marriage said...

I think the outfits are really cute! Minus the belts! It works for the petite girls on the show but girls with a bit of junk in the trunk are not going to be able to pull off an islamic look witha belts showing off their waists.

Anonymous said...

salam, just wanted to share the link of this show

Jana said...

basbousa, you're welcome!

yan, yeah I saw the bling bling episode lol, looked very pricey! I don't think the clothes are that bad, though some of them are a bit tight-fitting for my liking.

PPM, spot on!

Anon, thanks! I'm guessing the new episodes are shown every Monday.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i don't agree with the concept of wearing a belt to nip in the waist. I actually think these girls are so beautiful and stylish they are more attractive to men than plain non-hijabis. Otherwise though, it's an entertaining show to watch.

Anonymous said...

Oh my days.... i miss sungai wang so much.. its the ultimate shopping centre in Malaysia! it is one of the best and coolest place to shop! Nice video....


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