Thursday, 10 July 2008

Branquinho Blues

These are more pictures from Veronique Branquinho's Spring 2008 collection. So if you're stuck as to what to wear with a maxi skirt, these should be providing a few ideas:

Get the look:

Navy corsage jacket £30, Debenhams; Farah tunic £19, Monsoon; navy chiffon shawl £5.99, Scarf World; navy short trench coat £50, Dorothy Perkins; Cherry Midnight skirt £40, Monsoon; broderie maxi dress £45, Warehouse.

Are you loving the blues or the yellow and white outfits?


Najla said...

I definitely prefer the blues outfits :)
Thanks Hayah

Anonymous said...

I prefer the blues too :)
I love how similar the items you found are to the catwalk ones! It must have taken you ages to find them mashaAllah :)

Basbousa said...

Beautiful blues.. Love it!!!

Celeritas said...

Hurrah for maxis!

m. said...

i love maxi stuff... b/c sometimes, one just feels sick and tired of layering... i agree its fun and cool, but sometimes you just wanna put as little pieces on as possible... so maxi is something very close to my heart!

ps. love the colours... they're so perfect all year round.
In Australia it's winter now... so those would be great with a leggings underneath (to keep you warm) and a coat on top. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the look on the third picture, with the white skirt.

Anonymous said...

I like the cut and shape of the green and black ensemble. But I am still getting used to the color combination. It looks nice, but I am still not loving it. I'll give it some time and keep staring at it :3

Thank you for this skirt-oriented entry.

Jana said...

najla, you're welcome!

anon 1, it just goes to show you how good the high street is at adapting runway fashions!

basbousa, glad you like it!

celeritas, indeed!

m., exactly, it's so easy to thrown on a maxi dress and a jacket! You know it may as well be Winter here too... grey skies and cold :(

anon 2, I like that one too, but I couldn't find a similar skirt.

anon 3, you're welcome!


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