Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Alia Front Cover

Alia is an Indonesian women's magazine. I did a post here a while ago about some of the fashions it featured. How gorgeous is their front cover? I don't know what's happening with the sleeves though:


sayma said...

mashuallah shes very pretty, she dosent look like a typical indonesian..she looks different to them

Anonymous said...

so how does a typical indonesian look like?
indonesia is a vast country of various ethnic groups and tribes - the sumatrans (acehnese), the javanese, the balinese, the bataks, madurese, dayaks, we even have chinese, arab, indian, european (like dutch) blood/communities in us. we are not a homogeneous people; we have diversity in our beauty.

D-eby said...

well..we still have more gorgeous muslim designs actually, unfortunately it really hard to find a good website that can expose it well..(maybe I should try to make one..ha..ha..). I wish I am back home so I can send you some of the muslim magazines or the muslim fashion book for you to show to your reader ;)

sayma said...

anon; i didnt mean to offend you, I was just saying. I work with an Indonesian guy actually, and most Indonesians that I have seen, look oriental.

Aisha La Estudiante said...


Indonesians are a very diverse people because of colonialization, tribes, and being the hub of trade and travel for centuries. Since it's the world's largest Muslim country they really go above and beyond in hijabi styles. I just adore Indo-fashion! There have recently been more of the hijabi hoods (kind of like hats/caps that many fashion blogs from Indonesia sport) available in Canada and the states. *sigh* love them!

Oum said...

Very pretty mashaallah, I even like her clothes, I love lots of coulours..

Mee said...

^.^ i'm indonesian, and yes, this Alia Mag has been one of my favorites because of its fashion articles and clothes. So adorable ;)


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