Saturday, 28 June 2008

Tekbir Fashion Show 2008

Tekbir, one of Turkey's leading Tesettür fashion houses showcased its Spring/Summer 2008 collection in a fashion show in Istanbul on the 20th of April 2008.

France 24 did a short feature on it:

I remember first walking into a Tekbir store around 6 years ago, and I wasn't too impressed. The racks were full of bland beige and grey and those awful jackets with padded shoulders. So looking at the latest collection, I must say I think Tekbir has come a long way. Compare these photos with the ones from Setrms 2008 collection - which do you prefer? I think I'm leaning towards Setrms this year.


Alixianna said...

Um, I find the whirling dervish styles scary (ugly too) but I like the Tekbir better in the last few end pics you pictured.

Anonymous said...

Setrms all the way! I find those cylinder shaped hijab hats horrifying! But the last few pics were nice.

Hayah said...

That part of the show was based on traditional Ottoman costume. Those hate were worn by princesses and the like! Not for everyday wear today though :D

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