Saturday, 14 June 2008

Summer Style

It's often difficult to find loose, opaque long sleeved tops with high necklines, so when you do come across one, I say grab it! This top is not perfect, but you could get away with a thin tank top underneath and use the hijab to cover the upper chest.

This outfit is great for keeping cool, but you won't look too messy as often happens in the summer. The skirt and top are both made from lightweight cotton, and the hijab from georgette. I recently ordered this hijab, and the fabric is beautiful. I'd ditch the belt on the skirt because it just adds bulk to the hips (and how many of us want that?). But great news if you're looking for plus-sized clothing - both the top and skirt are available up to size 22.

Brown hijab £8.95, The Hijab Shop; long sleeve top £22, Dorothy Perkins; cheesecloth maxi skirt £25, Dorothy Perkins; cream canvas bag £18, Debenhams; asymmetric necklace £20; multi strand necklace £20, both Monsoon; brown wedges £25, Barratts.


Anonymous said...

Assalamu Aleikum sis
Yeh I do also look for long sleeve top but it is not easy to find.
Especially summer time.
I bought brown skirt yesterday.
Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us.
I love you blog.

Organic-Muslimah said...

Brilliant outfit. How can I get the discount advertised on the side with Dorothy Perkins? The shipping is $20. It would be nice to get some off.

Hayah said...

Anon, thank you :)

Organic, I think that offer may only be for UK shipping but I'm not sure. E-mail them to find out maybe? What were you thinking of buying?

Organic-Muslimah said...

I like the skirt and shirt :0


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