Friday, 27 June 2008

Summer Sales

The summer sale is in full swing, so get ready to do some serious bargain hunting! Here are my top off-line finds:

Uniqlo was the source of my best bargain find so far: a long-sleeved black satin shirtdress for only £2.99! (Got mine from the Oxford Street branch) They also have some plain-coloured loose jersey tunics for £6.99.

Tie Rack have some loose printed kaftans for £12.50, as well as the usual hijabs.

BHS have some long sleeve kaftans, maxi dresses and skirts on sale - I bought a purple ombre skirt for £19.60 today!

H&M have tux jackets, waistcoats and dresses to layer over trousers.

Mango has long sleeved safari shirtdresses in beige, black and khaki for £20.

Warehouse has reduced the red shirtdress I posted here to £25.

Don't forget to check out my tips for successful sales shopping! And if anyone else has found something good in the sales, let us know!


Anonymous said...

Salam everyone,
since i don't speak english, could somebody please explain what "smart skirt" and "clearence" mean? Thank you in forward.
Hayah, i like most of these clothes you put here, best fashionblog i've seen so far

Anonymous said...

"Smart" is a word people use to describe something that looks neat and clean and stylish.

"Clearance" is a term used to describe an event that involves selling clothing at a lower price than they were originally sold for. It means almost the same thing as "sale", but I think that a "clearance" involves larger discounts.

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu Alaikum,

I really didn't know that Mango has got gorgeous those long skirts in their collections, but very pricy.
I opened the link and it says that designer of those skirts is Zuhair Murad, muslim probably? Masha'Allah they are excatly suitable for muslim women!

Anonymous said...

thank you anon for the explanation of the words, now everything makes more sense:)thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Dorothy Perkins have got included in their sale the long sleeve tops that Hayah often mentions. But my local DP only had my size in green and other random sizes in other colours.


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