Friday, 13 June 2008

Split Abaya

Abayas which are open at the front offer the same coverage as a normal abaya, but you can wear a different maxi dress underneath for a new look each time!

Split abaya £26.11 (or $51.90), 2hijab.


awa said...

i love the open abaya too, it lets me wear colours underneath that im normally too self-conscious to wear-like red. reds such a beautiful colour bt requires alot of guts to pull of well, i think.

ps.thnx for ur blog, together with some others,it distracts me from my work every single day :D

Anonymous said...

Would be able to do a post on stylish prayer clothes and where to get them on the net. They seem to be very hard to find. Love ur blog btw.
JazakAllah Khair

Hayah said...

Awa, you're welcome, but you better got to work :D

Anon, thank you! Prayer clothes are easy enough to find, but the design specification often amounts to 'white and large'. I'll have a look for you though!


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