Monday, 16 June 2008

Smooth Sailing

I'd wear this outfit for a chic summer look whilst out shopping. The nautical inspired dress has a loose fit and works well with neutral accessories. And of course, don't forget your sunnies:

Embroidered dress £35, Fever @ Oli; blue long sleeve top £10, Topshop; navy hijab £1.52, 2hijab; wide leg jeans £30, Dorothy Perkins; oversize aviator £15, Topshop; cream t-bar sandals £25, Dorothy Perkins; tan pocket tote £25, Accessorize.


Anonymous said...

I really like your style :) I'm in Egypt right now but will be home to England early July. Are the shops there still selling long sleeve tops like the one posted here or should I stock up on long sleeves before I come home?

Love Peace Love Peace said...

i'm planning to start wearing hijab soon, insha'allah. i'm plus-sized with a round face. what type of hijab would look best with my face shape?

hoping you can help me. this is a great blog and, Allah led me here at the perfect moment!

Louiza said...

LPLP - so am I! When I start uni in October inshaAllah :) I've got a fairly round face as well, and I personally prefer the simplest of styles, just a pashmina/shayla pinned under the chin so that one side is left long, then wrap the long end over the back of the head, pin at the top to keep it secure then at the side of the face to hold it in place. You want it as smooth on the head as possible, anything that sticks out - for example the way triangle scarves can stick up over the forehead - will just add more volume to your face!

I am loving this outfit btw, the dress is really beautiful - I've never looked at Oli before, off to have a nosy now :)

Hayah said...

Anon, thank you :) I'd stock up on long sleeve tops while you're there, because the shops here are stopping them, plus it'll be a lot cheaper to buy them in Egypt.

LPLP, thanks! Wearing a shayla with a different coloured underscarf helps to elongate the face.

Louiza, thanks for the input, and glad you liked the outfit!

Hani said...

Just found this Denmark hijabi Miss Headscarf contest and thought it might be interesting.
Here are some links.

Anonymous said...

i love that bag!

Hayah said...

Hani, my post about the contest is coming up soon inshallah! Thanks for the links!

Anon, me too, it's perfect for everyday use!

Scarf Ace said...

very cute summer-time outfit. i really like the dress.


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