Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Setrms 2006

These are pictures from the Turkish tesettür label Setrms 2006 fashion show held in Ankara, designed by Abdurrahim Celikten. Pictures from the 2008 show to come soon!


anna said...

Salam Alaikum,

i have been a hijabi for about 13 months now and i've got to say that it was the best thing that i have ever done alhumdallah.

I also would like to say that i love your blog. The outfits that you come up with are so nice and hijab appropriate. I believe that you can be fashionable and still respect your hijab. You have definitely accomplished this.

Since having my 20 month old little girl i have lost my sense of style. when i get dressed to go out i see myself reaching for my maternity pants and long daggy top. Due to this i have found it difficult to put together an outfit for my brothers wedding - which is coming up in about 10 weeks. i was wondering if you would be able to help me put together an outfit fo this special occasion. thank you so much.


Muslimah :) said...

oooh im loving these outfits, i recently came across a site called shuker.com soo nice, and tehy have a sale on at the moment. iv been wearing hijab for 9 months and its quiet expensive to buy a new wardrobe, im doing it in gradually, which means sometimes i wear some of my old cloths and try and make them more hijab like. but inshallah buy next year all my cloth swill be islamic and proper hijab.
i have a few tops liek this in teh photo.. long tunics and kaftans that i always buy one or two sizes larger so its loose and not figure hugging.
i think the most expensive part of my wardrobe is all my headscrafes.. when i first started wearing hijab i was shopping in H&M where they are sold at £5.99 each and as a student its not practile. but alhamdulillah i found soem good sites on teh net which are reliable in delievry and very cheap too. :)
thanks for teh blogg keep up teh good work sis :)

Hayah said...

Anna, thank you very much. And congratulations for wearing hijab! I'm working on your request and it will be done soon inshallah!

Muslimah, just wait till you see the 2008 collection! I ordered from Shukr before, but I'm not too keen on their stuff, it doesn't fit me well at all. I love H&M's scarves, but you're right it can get pricy. Which sites have you used to buy hijabs from?

Muslimah :) said...

salaam hayah,

i bought my hijabs from everythingislamic.com
reliable and very very fast delievery but they are transfering warehouses at the are not taken any orders. but check out the site its really cheap. and they sell pashminas for 1.99 in allll colours.
they also have lovely hijab pins which are the cheapest i found on the net.
i also use muslimahessentials.com
anotehr good site. the hijabs are a bit more expensive then the other site but the quality is good and still cheaper then tie rack, monsoon, H&M and other places like that.

yes i was a bit worried about prdering clothes from shukr.com becuase teh sizes are completely different to the sizes id wear from shops in town. ill have a go if the return policey is ok then there is no haram, if id doesnt fit ill send it back :)

Anonymous said...

Salam to u :)

do you have more pictures of Setrms 2006?


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