Thursday, 19 June 2008

Lots of Layers

This style is similar to the Double Shayla Wrap, but instead of wrapping the scarves tightly, they are left loose. It works best with lightweight shaylas, which aren't too slippery. Pin the first shayla one side long than the other underneath the chin (step 1). Then place another shayla on top, and I would suggest using a straight pin at the top of the head to hold it in place (step 3). Take the longer end of the first shayla and wrap loosely around the head (step 5) and pin if necessary. Repeat this again with the long end of the second shayla (step 6) and secure:


Sis said...

Yes it looks ok as long as its not too hot. I sometimes wear a amira hijab and on it a larger hijab. I love to use the amira under coz they keep the hair in place.

Anonymous said...

Great style! The only prob I have w/layering is that around summertime in California, find a thin enough 1 layer is hard enough :)

I love your blog and check it almost daily for hijabspiration. I've only been wearing hijab and longer tops now for a little while and I was so clueless about what to wear now. Jazak'Allah Khair for all your hard work.

Your sister in Islam.

Hayah said...

Sis, I tend to just use the cap, rahter than the whole thing, as I find the adult size ones are often too bulky.

Thanks anon, I'm glad you found the blog useful! In hot weather, try georgette hijabs - they are light and great at keeping you cool, although I often have a hard time keeping them in place!

medic said...

I need some good suggestions on how to wear hijab so I can get a stethoscope in :/ I wear mine kinda tight so it's hard to get it in.. Are there any styles you know of that are loose around the ears? Even if I was to put it in my ears from underneath instead of the sides? :s

Organic-Muslimah said...

I work my hijab like this last night. I used a two chiffon layers (black and red :)

Alixianna said...

I love this style!

Hayah said...

medic, I had this problem the other day as well. I usually put mine in from underneath anyway - putting it in from the sides tends to rip my hijab. What usually works for me though is to pin one end of the shayla at the back of the neck, then wrap the other end around the head again, bringing it under the chin and up over the side again, then pin at the top of the head. Hope that makes sense!

organic, very nice :D

Alix, me too!

Anonymous said...

well,this is a great style and iam trying to learn it and iam finding it diffucult
if there is anybody who knows how please add me or email me how in arabic and with pictures
please don't ignore me it's important for me

Anonymous said...

sorry for not leaving my mail and it is

qamar-nisaa said...

Salaam 3alikum, sisters;

Ah, i always wear my hijab loosely, (Gulf way), however this style is gorgeous yet simple... but it doesn't work for me.. i don't understand it..

perhaps an alternative suggestion: video explaining this hijab style?

Jazallah K7air,

Your sister in Islam;



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