Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Islamic Trend Setters

There seems to be no shortage of articles about the Islamic Fashion Festival. Here's another one with some beautiful pictures from this year's show in Dubai:

By Jyoti Kalsi
March 23, 2008

Designers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the UAE came together to showcase a variety of trendy Islamic apparel at a preview of the Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) presented on day two of Dubai Fashion Week (DFW).

The show began with a collection of trendy abayas and coordinated burqas by Emirati designer Ameera Aamer. She had used colourful embroidery, bead work, shoe-lace ties and leather patches to jazz up the traditional garment for today's young and fashionable Arab women.

"I design for modern young women like myself,” said the designer who is a banker by profession. "I have presented my collections in Malaysia, Singapore and other countries, and people there just loved the embroidered and sequinned burqas and abayas."

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sayma said...

WIERED styles!!!

Moon said...

that grey-blue dress looks nice.

Anonymous said...

im a bit concerned

this is cultural attire, not islamic as teh dress is still tight-fitting

they should not use teh banner of Islam to market this


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