Thursday, 15 May 2008

Trend: Marrakesh

With a nod to the psychedelic 60's, there are plenty of Moroccan-inspired prints around this summer. Are you feeling the harem trousers? (Incidentally I really dislike that name, I'd much rather they were called sherwal/sarouel...)

Blue print dress £29.99, House of Fraser; pink print dress £38.95, Uttam Direct; jacket £59, Promod; Fairtrade purse £4, Accessorize; paisley scarf £12, Miss Selfridge; harem trousers £29, Promod; jewel kaftan £65, Monsoon.


Alixianna said...

I love to wear this look lounging around my hose or down at the beach.

Alixianna said...

House. And I love harem pants... lOL. This blog is our harem Hayah: no men allowed LOL.

Anonymous said...

i love the first blue dress,i have it in green :D its very nice :D

melda said...

Assalamu alaikum Hayah,

i love this blog, i'm in the process of becoming a hijabi so i need every bit of advice i can get ;o)

i have a problem, tho, i am a big girl and it's hard to find nice clothing that actually fits me... any ideas?

jazakallah khair! :D

farrahh said...

very niiiice... but all i can find here in texas are the mexican inspired tops... :P i need to look harder :D

or maybe this is an excuse to go shopping in london?!?! :D:D yahhh... ill just have to convince my hubby now! lol

Sharshura said...

I love all the shirts and no I would mostly likely never wear the pants (they remind me of MC hammer pants).

I agree with not liking the title of the pants either. I know I'm going off on a tangent but it makes me think of really good documentary called Hollywood Harems which looks at how Hollywood has depicted Arab/Muslim/Eastern women in a negative and over sexual light since the industries inception. Like I said random thought.

Umm Salihah said...

I like the Moroccan prints a lot, not too sure about the pants though.

Hayah said...

Alix, it certainly is our online harem lol.

Melda, there are lots of shops which stock plus-size ranges now. Check out 'Inspire' at New Look, 'Gorgeous' at Debenhams and the ranges at BHS, I'll post outfits as soon as I can inshallah.

Farrahh, for sure you have to come shopping in London, though I'd love to go in the US!

Sharshura, MC Hammer rings a bell lol, can't quite remember what he looks like though! Not a random thought at all, it's exactly why I hate the name 'harem pants', because of all the Hollywood connotations!

Umm Salihah, you know the only hijabi I ever saw wearing these was actually Morrocan, and she made it work really well!

ammena said...

salam, masha'allah loving the look.. although not the MC Hammer pants! Hayah... youre making me feel .... cant believe you dont remember him! Cant touch this. ooh....

Anonymous said...

Lol incidentally i'm going morocco next week. got a dress like the ones on here

MushuThaLohari said...

Have I ever told you how inspiring your blog really, truly is?

I fell in love with that white jacket thingy. Though its sleeves are just 3/4, I think it would be okay to wear a long-sleeved shirt under it, right?

As for the harem trousers, well, I prefer using the name Aladdin-trousers :D

Hayah said...

Ammena, lol I'll have to look him up!

Anon, oh lucky you! Hope you have a good time inshallah!

Mushu, aww thank you hehe. Yeah you could always wear a long sleeve top underneath in a complimentary colour. Aladdin trousers? No way they're Jasmine trousers :D


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