Sunday, 18 May 2008

Singapore Style

Hijab fashion has reached Singapore! Check out OVA. Their shop looks like a little treasure trove mashallah! I'd love to visit:


Nur said...

Wow, I didn't expect OVA to reach here. =)
The owner is nice. A bit pricey for students though. Thanks for spreading it.

Marie Neige said...

Wow, the clothings are so great, I love their tunics. ...When are they going to do a virtual store, so I can order from Canada ?!! :-D

new revert said...

As a new muslim revert Im becoming a bit confused as to what is permissable as suitable clothing.

*{And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons...}* (An-Nur 24:31).

I question the suitablity of the fashions at ova (nevertheless they are beautiful) as the shape of the bust and clearly the visability of the neck can be viewed.

Surely a jibab or abaya is more modest.

Hayah said...

Nur, you're welcome.

Mary, their tunics are lovely, perhaps you can email them to find out hehe.

New Revert,

The basic guidelines for Islamic dress for women are:

1. That is covers every part of the body except for the face, hands and some say feet.

2. That it should conceal the shape of the body.

3. That it should not be see-through

4. That it should not be overly extravagant, or used to show off.

Granted, some of the styles OVA show are not 100% correct, but I'm not here to place disclaimers on every site I post, I trust you sisters to use your own judgement when assessing what is halal and what is not. And jilbab/abaya are not the only ways to achieve correct hijab. You can dress just as modestly in long skirts, or long tunics over loose trousers, provided they meet the above requirements.

Anonymous said...

Salam, I am from singapore...have bought some stuff from Ova. They have got nice stuff..the owner is a chinese muslim convert and she sews most of the stuff herself.

Anyway, her store caters to both the hijabis and non I guess there are bound to be clothes that does not qualify as proper 'muslimah' attire.

Anonymous said...


OMG our tiny island got recognition ALL de way over on ur side!!! alhamdulilah!!! nyway jus wanna say dat u're doin a fantastic job and perhaps we cld do an email/penpal system for muslimahs ard the world to get to know anudder culture! we can mail over hijabs frm our side of the world n stuff! for sure its tough to find nice syalas like those featured in ur blog in sunny singapore..insyallah!


new revert said...

Sister Hayah

Thanks for your kind comments and advice. This website is great
May Allah guide us

Anonymous said...

OVA is featured on your site! Ahh! So happy for that shop and thank you Hayah for highlighting.

It's really one of those shops that gets closest to Shukr for us here in Singapore.

Agreed, OVA caters to both Hijabis and Non-Hijabis. But the idea for the Hijabis here, is to buy/put on matching scarves/Hijabs to the clothes, and usually for Singaporean muslimahs here, we wear the Hijab cover the bust area. So that's really no issue here. Also I do think the dresses they do, encourages the Non-Hijabis to dress modestly in a nice way, as compared to all them shorts and tees being sold out there.

Back again to OVA, the pants they sell are Muslimah-friendly alright. I have a hard time finding a pair of good pants suitable for modest wear. They are skinny and tight-cut. But at OVA, the owner designs the pants with the Muslimah in mind; it's apparent really, in the cutting for the thigh and bosom areas. OVA also does alteration usually free of charge and acute customisation of your needs.

I love this shop. A tad expensive for students, agreed, but I do hope muslimahs around here keep their support for this treasure shop. There's not too many good ones around here.

I hope they'll expand their business in the online presence too one day.


Anonymous said...

I adore OVA! They have great tunics, which i have abt more than 5 in my closet. And the owners are great women. One of them a chinese muslim convert. Their passion awes me.:)

Hayah said...

Wow it seems OVA is very popular! Glad to hear it's been a success alhamdulilah.

Nur said...

Hi there,

S'pore has plenty of muslims and the hijab has been around for quite some time already.

But our style of wearing the hijab is very very limited.

I will be very happy if you could more videos of how to style your hijab.

Btw, here we call it tudung or selendang...

Salam Alaik

Anonymous said...

This might be years late but I have known OVA's owner and staff personally for more than 5 years and they are a great bunch, mashaAllah.

As to what's suitable, it's important to note that most Muslims here in South East Asia wear the hijab that actually covers their chest and bosom area. Just depends and how you style it.


Jannah said...

Hi all!

I very much agree with Nur. I'm from Singapore and the range of hijabs available here are pretty limited. I usually get mine from blogshops and facebook sellers like Busana Melayu or Muslimah Angun. You can look them up at Facebook. Their hijabs are gorgeous and quite affordable to me. Still in a lookout for formal-wear hijabs though.. Hoping for some suggestions. :)


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