Wednesday, 21 May 2008

More Ways to Wear

Here's another way to wear prom dresses with hijab, Carrie Bradshaw style!

In the first picture, Carrie wears a floral print dress with a sleeveless floral jacket on top. I found these matching dresses and jackets at Boden. Just add navy or white smart trousers, heels, matching hijab and quirky handbag.

Silk linen coat £110; silk linen dress £95.

Or you could wear the dress under a plain black or white trench coat, just like in the second picture. I found plenty more printed and plain prom dresses. Which hijabi version do you prefer?

Top left to bottom right:

Primark £16; Warehouse £70; Oli £65; Debenhams £55; New Look £30; New Look £30; Dorothy Perkins £20; Dorothy Perkins £20.


Anonymous said...

what are your thoughts on the egypt visit on women in black?

Hayah said...

Ah I'm afraid you'll have to wait until tomorrow for my take on it. It'll be a good one though inshallah.

Alixianna said...

ooooh. I like this post! I look forward to your bridal post. Ughhh, some woman is slandering me because I tried to defend hijab.

awa said...

Do I have to choose one dress they all so beautiful...

Hayah said...

Alix, yeah I saw... just ignore the haters!

Awa, I know they're gorgeous, and there are plenty more but I thought I should stop at 8!


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