Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Islamic Fashion Festival

The IFF is major event that began in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2006. Here are some photos from the show:

IFF 2007:

You can read more about the designers in the 2007 show here. And visit these links to see lots more beautiful photos from 2007:

Courier Mail AU and Cryosphere's Flickr

The IFF was held in Dubai April 2008. Click here to read about it and see more pictures:

You can read more about the idea behind the festival on Islam Online. Any thoughts ladies?


Alixianna said...

Masha'Allah, I LOVE the two last pics. I would wear all four outfits! Jazaks, as always, Hayah, for the links.

Hayah said...

I love those two as well! You're welcome :D

pink_marshmallow said...

salam sis

i love all of them, especially the rainbow colored one as i like this type for at home when you are feeliing lazy and just want to chill. i must say though the peacock is not me lol.

fi aminallah

Habayeb said...

DAMN gorgoeus outfits masha'allah!

Umm Salihah said...

Assalam-alaikam Sister Hayah,
Oh how these people have style. There's something mouth-wateringly gorgeous in nearly every picture.

Anonymous said...

salaams sis inshaAllah your well do u no of a programme coming on tv about fashion and hijab(so i'm told) i haven't seen any advert yet just heard it from my cousin thought u might be interested! if i find out what channel i'll let you know inshaAllah but its on tommorw night,(maybe they'll even feature your blog lol)
eternal peace

Anonymous said...

its on thursday 8th may, 7.30 bbc 2called women in black and its a series.
eternal peace

Hayah said...

Eternal Peace, thanks for the headsup! I'll try to watch it, but if I'm not able to, do fill us in!

Anonymous said...

awsomeeeeeeeeee pixxx, soo creative!!!


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