Thursday, 29 May 2008

Hijabi Inspiration: Urban Khaleeji

Normally when most of us think of Khaleeji style, we picture black abayas and shaylas, with bright accessories. But Gulf girls here in London have a totally unique style. I saw this outfit on a girl in Bayswater quite a while ago, but since the weather's so unpredictable, I think coats can still feature in your wardrobe! I kid you not this was exactly what she wearing: a knee-length, green, voluminous bubble hem dress (closer to the 1st dress in colour) under a slightly shorter purple coat, black jeans tucked into chunky biker boots, all topped off with a black Gulf-style shayla. So original!

Green prom dress £50, Topshop; purple coat £50, Oasis; bubble hem dress £28, New Look; black bootcut jeans £15, Dorothy Perkins; biker boots £30, Dorothy Perkins; black chiffon scarf £3.99, Scarf World; black lattice grab bag £65, Dorothy Perkins.

The jeans are supposed to be bootcut, but for some reason they look really tight in the picture. Anyway, if you don't like tucking jeans in (which I don't), just wear them over the boots with a really chunky heel to get a similar look.


Anonymous said...

This look is beautiful you are so clever coming up with new ideas I have a problem and was wondering your opinion,

I wear the abaya a black one, but i I wear my scarf tied back, I wear a scarf around my neck so my neck does not show,
I have been told that this is not proper hijab, and I am taking the mick out of hijab, I dont think I am though its just that I find it more comfortable for me to wear it this way, because of these comments I may be take it off,

still pondering, whether too, I wish people would be less judgemental take care sister in Islam I love the fashion you put up its so insipiring love it!!!

pink_marshmallow said...

salam alaikum

i love going to queensway/bayswater as there are so many great hijabis there and some really interesting styles especially on a sunday and the summer is when the really pretty styles come out.

have brought 4 new hijabs today for £5 in hounslow and they go great with my new found wardrobe lol.

fi aminallah

Aisha said...

wow The dress and jeans look really pretty and I think they would go well together, can't imagine it with the boots though.

Great ideas though keep them coming, really loving this blog XXX

Hayah said...

Anon, thank you! Regards your hijab, as long as everything is covered that needs to be, then there should be no problem! Just ignore these people who nitpick over the silliest things, and tell them to look at themselves before criticising others!

Khadijah, wow 4 scarves for £5? Which shop did you get them from? :D

Aisha, thank you! Yeah it's an unusual combination, but it looked great on her!

Anonymous said...

omg i am in LOVE with the bag..!! hopefully i will try and get it in the sales hehe ;)

Anonymous said...

hey hayah thanx for your kind words you are very sweet, you have to comment on the women in black series the one on tonite oh my, these asian muslims are really mixed up im asian too but they have said some really not nice stuff espcially about our niqabi sisters cant wait to see what you have to say lol

YMiss said...

I missed you too ;) For a sec I thought you were going to embrace the skinny jeans being tucked into boots look! I can't stand it not just because the look would be revealing but because the idea of have such a thick material such as denim stuck to my legs makes me feel claustrophobic!
Tights on the hand I have no problem with,weird

ammena said...

yeh im not a jeans into boots girl either.. wow 65 quid for a bag??? hmm.. think Ill pass on that one, nice colours though sis.. masha'allah

Hayah said...

Anon 1, glad you liked it!

Anon 2, you're welcome. I've just written the review, let me know what you thought of the show!

ymiss, aww hehe thanks :D Nah don't worry. I actually own those jeans and they're quite loose so not to worry. You know skinny jeans are bad for your health because they can cut off circulation to your legs if they're too tight lol.

Ammena, yeah it's pricy but I thought it'd be perfect with this outfit.


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