Thursday, 1 May 2008

Hijabi Inspiration: Animal Prints

Animal print scarves are a really easy way to dress up any outfit. Here are my picks:

Clockwise from left:

Dorothy Perkins £10
Accessorize £18
Oli £25

This outfit was inspired by a girl I saw yesterday in Dorothy Perkins, Bond Street. She was wearing a brown abaya with a tan belt loose over the hips, a slouchy deep v-neck cardigan on top, finished off with an animal print hijab:

Brown abaya £25, Amirah Fashions; beige cardigan, La Redoute; animal print scarf £25, Oli; tan belt £15, Dorothy Perkins; patent ring trim bag £35, Topshop; bronze pumps £20, Dorothy Perkins.


pink_marshmallow said...

salam sis

loving this style, this is a definate me and mashalah i have have most of the items, including a brown jilaba.

jazakallah for sharing

Hayah said...

You're welcome! The girl looked so good mashallah, wonder if she might be reading!

Alixianna said...

Pretty and oh so easy. Brown and beige basics were once a classic in pre-muslimah Africa hopping days. SO easy to dress it up for casual elegance too!

ammena said...

hmm. dunno about the animal prints (not me!) but def nice colours masha'allah

asqfish said...

I love the brown and beige............but the animal prints are not me , any suggestions for an alternate scarf?

Alixianna said...

Hot pink. lol. Not really.

Try a floral (very London girl) but if your're a scaredy cat, try another neautral in a similar shade (celedon green is always lovely with beige if it suits your skin tone-same with yellow).

Hayah said...

asqfish, try these:

Anonymous said...

VERY nice Hayah:) I love animal prints:)

Navila said...

Sis, this combination is absolutely beautiful Masha-Allah. Only if i could get my hands on one of those jubas in Australia!!!
By the way i love your fashion style! Keep it up! =D


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