Saturday, 3 May 2008

Drop-waist Dresses

I adore drop-waist dresses! These three are from Dorothy Perkins, and I recently bought the 3rd one. Since the waist is dropped they tend to be loose around the hips, so perfect to wear over jeans/trousers. All of these are actually on sale in store for around £20:

Alternatively, try a little 1920s glamour - it's just right for a ladies-only party! Accessorise with peep-toe shoes and a long string of pearls, and finish off with a delicate netted veil. So chic!

Pearl necklace £10, Oli
Patent peep-toe shoes £20, New Look

You can still do this look with hijab. Just add a black long sleeve top, black trousers and matching shayla.


Humaira said...

These are some cute dresses! Thanks for recommending them!

Queen O'Danile said...

Salam Sis...niccccce blog! If you tell me the blog button you like from Islamic Blog Directory, I will paste the code here for you...all you have to do is copy it and put it in your sidebar. Hope you join us!

Queen O'Danile said...

Here you go Sis! Let me know whne it's up and I will add you. Thanks for joing us...glad to have you with us!

Queen O'Danile said...

Welcome to IBD Sis!!!

pink_marshmallow said...

salam sis

mashallah i love these type of dresses i was gonna buy some, but was not sure if they were ok. but i will now as i have nice pretty long sleeved t-shirts that will cover my arms.

fi aminallah

marium said...

hi, salaam!
i just wanted to ask ur opinion.. what would u wear with this dress to make it more modest? I have absolutely no sense of style so i would appreciate some suggestions.


Hayah said...

Humaira, you're welcome.

Queen, thanks :D

Pink, that's great!

Marium, more modest in terms of hijab, or in terms of a non-hijab environment? If you want to wear it with hijab, I already suggested a long sleeve black top, and black trouers. Or for non-hijab, just wear a pair of black 3/4 length leggings underneath!

marium said...

0o0o I like the black trousers n shirt combination. Thanks for your advice! :)

Anonymous said...

There is an online store that sells Tekbir clothes... Seems quite affordable for what they offer but nonetheless can be pricy. I guess to get something good you have to pay 'good':)

Anyway, happy shopping...


Hayah said...

Marium, you're welcome!

Anon, thanks! I've already got them in my link list under 'eBay Finds'. Yes they're a bit pricy, but the quality is great.


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