Monday, 26 May 2008

Cairo Style

The girl in the video from WiB 3 was matching to the T in her red and white outfit. Get the Cairo look, and you won't look too out of place down at the City Stars Mall:

Red hijab £1.50; white hijab £1.50, both 2hijab; white long sleeve top £5.60; wide leg jeans £30, both Dorothy Perkins; polka dot dress £28, Debenhams; red patent ballerina flats £18; shoulder bag £25, both Barratts.


sarah said...

mashallah its a very pretty outfit and will come in handy since i'm going to ccairo this summer! i was just wandering how the women in the picture has wrapped her scarf if anyone knows please explain , jazakallahukheir and salams


Humaira said...

That is really cute! Yes, I also noticed her cute outfit.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I like it!

Sarah: Instead of using just one you need two, and start wrapping simulataneously. You need to place one beneath the other so that they are just slightly overlapping and it really helps if you pin it at the chin when you start

Jasmine said...

Wow! It's soooo cute!! I love it, I need to buyyy them

MyHijab said...

I think you would need white pants to actually really match the outfit.

Personally I can't stand to mitch match everything.

I'd never wear white pants either :)

Loving your blog!!

Hijabi Apprentice said...

Love the outfit.

Hayah said...

Thanks everyone, glad you liked it!

myhijab: white trousers too?? hehe that'd be overkill. Though I do love my white trousers in the summer :)

Sarah, I think what she's done here is worn a red bandana first. Then she's taken the white hijab, placed it on her head one side long than the other, than taken both ends behind the neck and pinned them. The she repeats this with the red hijab. Then the long end of the white one is taken over the shoulder, around the neck and back up over the head. Repeat with the red hijab, and make sure to secure with pins. Hope that made sense!

Sally said...

thanks for the lovely synopsis!! Gosh.. i haven't been to egypt in so long.. if i walked around in that mall or in those streets i think i'd cry just out of joy...and be totally bankrupt after a few days ;)

Medina said...

wow, i love the outfit and i am going to order them soon but can some one put up a guide on how to do that hijab.... it will look so nice if i could do it

Anonymous said...

maybe it's too matchy.. but for those people ..
these shoes would look cute too..

Naseema said...

awwww i just looked on the website n they dnt have the dress nemore!!

Anonymous said...

oooo very cute i love red!


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