Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Trend: Greys and Brights

Grey is not just for Winter! Update for Spring with the two most complimentary colours: yellow and coral. Dorothy Perkins got it just right with the patent colour-block shoes!

Last summer, I found this dress at Tesco (believe it or not!). I'm glad I held on to it as it's perfect for this year's trend! I've included a similar dress by Firetrap, albeit more expensive (mine cost a whopping £8). For the colder months, I wore mine with the H&M cardigan and a dark grey hijab. I recently ordered the yellow hijab from Saif Clothing, to brighten it up. Which colour do you think goes best?

Grey and yellow dress £34, Oli; yellow hijab £5, Saif Clothing; grey cardigan £14.99, H&M; coral scarf £14, Promod; Fairtrade t-shirt £10, Topshop; long grey cardigan £29, La Redoute; peep-toe shoes: yellow and coral £25, Dorothy Perkins.


pink_marshmallow said...

salam im loving the shoes they are great. as for the hijab i like both, its great to mix and match, that way an outfit lasts longer, and will look totally different each time.

the dress is really wild, love it. and yesterday down town, there was some sisters and they were in similar outfits as the ones you show here, and they looked so nice mashallah. just lucky that where they were no one cares, or even gives hijabis a second look, not even a niqabi can turn a head lol.

ammena said...

def the yellow sis.. although Im a yellow person, love it! masha'allah

Anonymous said...

i love the shoes! and i lovve the cardi.. im def going to look into getting that!!! thanx hun


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