Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Silk Scarves

Silk Scarves is a website that offers high-quality scarves from Asia. They come in many beautiful colours and designs, and are all big enough to use as shaylas. They are currently having a 30% off Spring sale, as well as giving away a free scarf with every order over £35:


Alixianna said...

I'm lovin' that blue one!

rebab said...

Salam sister,

i love you blog. I've been wearing the hijab for about 7 months now alhumdallah.

I am a very busy mum. i study and i look after the house and kids etc. So im on my feet all day. I like to wear comfortable clothing during the day. before the hijab i used to wear denim jeans with a fitted adidas shirt and casual shoes.

could you help me in arranging some outfits similar to the above but modified for a hijabi. Also could you include what kind of hijab i should wear with it (material and style wise).


Salam alaykum

Anonymous said...

hi I hope you do not mind me asking you this but I was always told by our Medressa teachers that we were only to wear black and nothing that was too bright,

to this day i still wear black hijab because of this is there any hadith that tells us that we can wear any other color,

thank you sister I will be grateful of your help

ammena said...

salam anon, just to tell you there are plenty of hadiths about the wives of the prophet and the women of the time wearing oranges, greens, reds... so this black black nonescense (no offence intented) is purely cultural. I love these scarves my only prob is how to keep them in place.. I have 2 but always end up with holes everywhere because they are so thin and fine :( thanks Hayah

Alixianna said...

I always look to the sunnah of the Prophet SAW in regards to colour anon.. The Prophet SAW loved green. Yes, they said the women emerged looking like they had crows on their heads but how many very black crows have seen in the Gulf? All the ones I've seen had white heads. Black became popular because 1. clothing is not supposed to be see through and darker is better, 2. there was a lot of fighting during the Prophet's SAW time and raids often happen at night and men stand out in white so they can fight and women are safe in darker colours., 3. black is a dye easily made from Goat's milk. It WaS never the main Islamic colour and has only become so in the last ninety years. I think it is beautiful but as long as you don't wear colour in a place where you will stick out (mmmmm Riyadh for example---you are keeping in the bounds of modesty). Black is beautiful though,yes?
To be honest, some Sheiks would have us look like clones and undistinguished, but we are individuals, and modesty isn't about being unrecognizable. The Prophet SAW encouraged us to dress well for our sisters and Allah SWT. He said nothing against colour and would have if it were the slightest issue, like praising someone. Do you know, if someone praises another, he said to throw dust in their face because flatererss are the undoers of powerful people? No, the madrassas will focus more on the color of your dress. AStifuralliah.

Anonymous said...

I want to say thank you to Alixianna it has helped me very much thank you for what you have written

Hijabi Apprentice said...

I love the scarves the blue and magenta are my faves.

@ Alixianna and Ammena: Well said! I grow tired of people always haraamizing things.

Hayah said...

Alix and Ammena, thanks for replying. Anon: in matters of deen, you should never just accept things without seeing proof first. Did they actually ever show you a hadith that stated we must always wear black? The Prophet (s) used to encourage the wearing of white clothing, never black! And here are some ahadith about colours:

Al-Haafiz Ibn Abee Shaybah narrates in “Al-Musannaf” (8/371-372):

From Ibraheem – and he is An-Nakha‘ee:

That he would enter along with ‘Alqamah and Al-’Aswad upon the wives of the Prophet sallallaahu‘alaihiwasallam; so he saw them in red coverings.

From Ibn Abee Mulaikah who said:

I saw upon Umm Salamah a garment and a covering coloured with safflower [i.e. yellow/red].

From Al-Qaasim – and he is Muhammad ibn Abee Bakr As-Siddeeq:

That ‘Aa’ishah used to wear clothing dyed with safflower while she was in a state of Ihraam.

And in a narration from Al-Qaasim:

That ‘Aa’ishah used to wear clothing dyed red with safflower while she was in a state of Ihraam.

From Hishaam from Faatimah bint Al-Mundhir:

That Asmaa used to wear [clothing] dyed with safflower while she was in a state of Ihraam.

From Sa‘eed ibn Jubair:

That he saw some of the wives of the Prophet sallallaahu‘alaihi wa ’aalihi wa sallam performing Tawaaf of the House while they were wearing clothing dyed with safflower.

That should suffice inshallah, as proof that wearing colours other than black is perfectly halal. Inshallah I'll be doing a post about Saudi traditional wear soon, and you'll see how colourful the outfits were!

To be honest I'm also concerned about what other things this madrassa is teaching based on nothing but cultural practice...

Hayah said...

Rebab, thank you! The Uniqlo shirtdress I featured in the last celeb style post should be ideal I think. You can wear it over jeans or trousers, casual or smart! I'll put together more things soon inshallah.

Alixianna said...

When Aalia told me I had to wear socks I was like: show me. I still thought the evidence was weak so I just make sure I'm never showing off my feet by making my glam heels central to my outfit (long glam abaya required LOL). See all, even Aalia and I disagree slightly on some iss but we are still BFF--insha'Allah.

M Guérin said...

Sallam allaykum,
Actually, I think the colou the most associated with the muslim in the time of the Prophet (puh) was the White.

Just a question... These scarves are wonderfully beautiful, but I have been told that silk scarves are really hard to hold in... Is that true? Do you have tips?


Hayah said...

Alix, that's good to hear alhamdulilah. I personally don't belive it's necessary to cover the feet either. One of the four Great Imams agrees, so it's not just a fringe opinion.

M, try wearing a cotton bonnet cap underneath so there's some friction, and use pins to hold it place. Works for me!

M Guérin said...

Thanks hayah for the tip!

Actually, it is the great Imam Ahmed allowed women showing their feet and wearing sandals. So it is not a sin.


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