Saturday, 26 April 2008

New Jilbabs

Amirah Fashions have just added 5 new jilbabs to their collection. I love the rich colour of this unusual jilbab. Team with light accessories for the summer, and the maple leaf scarf is perfect for taking it into autumn:

Sandalwood jilbab £26.50, Amirah Fashions; bag £35, French Connection; silk striped shawl £15.95, Scarf World; maple leaf scarf £7.99, Scarf World; shoulder bag £25, Accessorize; taupe peep-toe sandal £15, Dorothy Perkins.


Celeritas said...

I love that maple leaf scarf, I'm sure Rayanne would love to wear a scarf like that.

Hayah said...

I'm sure she would :D


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