Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Monsoon Offer

I know Monsoon can have pretty steep prices at times, but right now you can take advantage of a 25% off offer between the 17th and 20th of Apri, so you have a couple of days to plan what to buy :) Click on the image to open in another window, and print off and use in stores:

Here are my picks from Monsoon:

Don't forget you can email this post to friends and family, so they can use the voucher too! Click here or on the envelope icon just beneath this post.


pink_marshmallow said...

i absolutely love monsoon, but hubby would have a fit if i brought them lol.

so i just go and look and wishful think (sighing heavy lol)

but love the embelished one, so i think i might save with my pocket money i get each week lol.

ammena said...

i love you! I wonder if theres an outlet and if the discount is there too :P I love the skirt (yes u guessed it, the most expensive one :P)

Hayah said...

I love that one too! Unfortunately they don't have an outlet store, but they do have pretty good end of season sales. In the last one I got this knee length dress for £5 reduced from £50!


Anonymous said...

is this store only in the UK?

Hayah said...

I'm afraid it is anon, sorry!

ammena said...

yeh i miss end of season sales.. they are all the same here! as for that dress u bought, masha'allah its adorable :)

Alixianna said...

They had the accessories store in Victoria B.C Canada.

Anonymous said...


My husband actually found me that voucher the other day. I was a bit surprised that he sent it to me to say the least.

I see we both like the blue skirt! (Although it might still be too pricey. Perhaps I will check out the accessories instead.)

Thanks for another excellent post!


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