Saturday, 5 April 2008

Mango Skirts

You know when you walk into a regular high street shop, and you find a long skirt, with no splits, you think 'wow it's my lucky day!'. Then if you find two, it's like 'what a strange coincidence'. But to find no less than eight in one shop!! I am convinced Mango had Muslimahs in mind when designing their collections :) Not only that, but the Outlet store also has another eight (aside from the denim skirt I featured in my previous post. You'll be spoilt for choice!

Prices in Mango Shop range from £35 to £100:

These skirts are from the Outlet store, and cost around £32 each (prices given in Euros). New stock is added frequently so it's worth checking every week to see if anything new is in:


Anonymous said...

skirts, skirts, skirts yaay,a hijabis best friend!, though these r a bit pricey! now all we need is soemthing to team them up with, soemthing nice and cotton for the summer.....any ideas?
eternal peacexxx

Anonymous said...

I want half of them.


rieaane said...

They're all i love those!

Sofi said...

I love the stuff you do on skirts...the one i have fallen for costs £70! Yellow - 3rd from the top.

Hayah said...

Eternal - I'll post some outifts soon inshallah.

Alix - I want them all hehe!

Rieanne - aren't they just?

Sofi - ooh nice choice! I'm so gonna wait until the sales to buy these lol.

pink_marshmallow said...

mashallah i love these skirts and with the summer inshallah coming soon they are beautifully deisigned and just my kind of think.

jazakallah for sharing with us.

Hijabi Apprentice said...

why are you doing this to me ukhti?! LOL! I want 5 out of 8 skirts.

ma'a salaamah,


Anonymous said...

OMG i love ALLLL of them!!!! but for some reaon that Mango website is being mean to my comp :(. Or my comp is just being mean to me like always :(. Does it require flash player or something.. cuz FLASH PLAYER has been very mean to my poor comp lately.. for some unknown reason. hehe, probably taking revenge.. sigh..

Anonymous said...

OMGosh Im gonna go broke ordering all these skirts for the summer! Thanks Hiyah!

Anonymous said...

I want somone who helps me to buy theese skirts ..i mean i live in sweden and i dont know i can see them or try them...wish store..i really need skirts...plzplzplz anybody


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