Saturday, 5 April 2008

Hijabi Style Store

For all the US readers out there, there's a great new Islamic Clothing store which sells some beautiful items. I received this lovely comment from one of the owners, Nora:

"Asalam Alakium! Hi Hayah! I read your blog daily and enjoy every bit of fashion advice. I recently started my own Muslim Clothing online shop and wanted to let you as well as every Muslimah on here where to find it and help support me and my friend. It is You inspired the name Hayah! Thank you :) Cheers."

Here are some of their products:


ammena said...

masha'allah shes got some nice skirts... and at decent prices too. hmm.. wonder if she gives a discount for knowin u lol

Anonymous said...

Salaam Hayah!
Just wanted to let you know that you can great hijabs at matalan starting from a mere £3!!
I only discovered this the other day when i went to an absolutely massive store, so if you have a really big matalan nearby you will get spoilt for choice!

Laayla said...

Amazing, loving the blue one on the left. I also love the added touch of the flower on the side.

Hayah said...

lol i don't know about that ammena!

Anon, thanks for the tip, but I posted them back in February hehe, unfortunately there are no Matalans near me :(

Laayla, I like that one too!

JiJi said...

Salam Ladies,

Thanks Hayah for the feature! That is so sweet of you :) Thank you sisters for all your support. For you special sisters, I will give you a discount, if you mention Hayah's name when you checkout.

Hayah said...

You're welcome! That is very kind of you, jazaki allah khair.

Anonymous said...

awww!!! well to be honest, your blog inspired me to keep my hijab on cuz I was getting kinda.. I didn't really know the purpose of hijab, just wore it. NOW I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! May Allah bless you...
and tell the chick I loveeeee her site!!! =]]]

Anonymous said...

Oh, Hayah! You should visit Indonesia -the largest moslem country in the world. I spotted many beautiful and stylish women wearing hijab in jakarta, & also many designers design islamic clothing.


Hayah said...

Anon, aww mashallah, I'm so glad you love hijab! Keep strong!

NV, inshallah I hope I can visit someday :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, her site is great!

Dina said...

salaam alykum! im sorry but i clicked on the link you provided for your new store, and it isnt working for me :o( i dont know what to do...please help!


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