Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Women's monthly magazines can be expensive (especially if you buy several regularly). But you can find great fashion and beauty magazines for absolutely nothing..here are my picks:

Dorothy Perkins' Style Magazine

Superdrug's Dare Magazine

New Look's Most Wanted magazine in stores

Oli's Style Guide

Boots Health and Beauty magazine (£1 or free to Advantage Card holders, which is also free to apply for).

DECLÉOR's Aroma magazine

If anyone knows of any others, let us know!


hema said...

salam Hayah,

i love the Asda magazine. it has really good recipes in and some good healthy eating tips

Anonymous said...

Hema i agree! the asda magazine does have some great recipes in there.

Btw loving this blog! Keep up the good work sis :)x

Anonymous said...

Btw check out Bershka website, its got some great clothes on there, especially some gorgeous maxi dresses

Anonymous said...

i love super drugs DARE as well, i just got a sub for marie clare 12 issues for £12!!
you should check out the www. magazine-group.co.uk

they have loads of offers like 6 issues for £6!! awesomeness!! :D


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