Monday, 7 April 2008

Events Post

There are lots of great events going on! I will update with anything new when I hear about it:

12th April - ILM: The Inevitable Journey in London (Islam Channel Coverage!)

12th April - Islamic Relief: Ladies Night in Leeds

12th-13th April - Intensive Easter Arabic Grammar Course in London

13th April - Arabic Book Fair in London

15th April - Iraq Five Years On: A Way Out? in London

16th April - UEL ISoc: Authentic Beauty in London

19th April in London, and 20th April in Manchester - Palestine Day

25th April - In the Footsteps of the Beloved in London

26th April - Easy Talk: Matters of Faith - a one day aqeedah intensive in London

26th April - Nida Trust: Muslim Youth & the British Identity in London

1st May - Restless Beings: Launch Dinner in London

9th-11th May - ISB: Women on the Move in Leicester

11th-14th July - Islam Expo in London

17th-20th July - Living Islam 2008 in Lincolnshire

22nd-25th August - JIMAS: Annual Conference in Leicester


Anonymous said...

wow what a list! thank you for taking time out to do this i would like to go to the isb thingy but the thing is i have started wearing niqab and the one thing the isb hates is the niqab unfortunately, oh well thanks for the jimas thing tho you can listen to the talks online masha allah. take care as salaams

Hayah said...

You're welcome anon! Why is that ISB hates niqab?? I'm not really familiar with the organisation.

Anonymous said...

umm well what can i say they are a really good group masha allah but they are pretty modern in their approach i guess and they believe its a hindrance to integration they have a more relaxed view i guess but its up to them they still do good dawah work


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