Monday, 14 April 2008

Celeb Style: Carrie Bradshaw

Somehow Alixianna and I both managed to come up with outfits based around the same picture of Carrie Bradshaw, neither of us having any idea that the other was doing the same! You can see her take on it here. I managed to find an almost identical purse, and a shirtdress that doesn't need any layering, but Alixianna's post in much more complete. Carrie also wears black sling-backs, though at the time I improvised with white stack heel sandals. Would you try this out?

Pink hijab £6.95, The Hijab Shop; black silk tie £8, Oli; white waistcoat £20, Dorothy Perkins; white trousers £38, Topshop; shirtdress £19.99, Uniqlo; sequin clutch bag £28, Accessorize; white sandals £25, Dorothy Perkins.


pink_marshmallow said...

asalam alaikum

this i love the pink and white is great, i love all these fashion outfits, all i need now is the encouragement to wear the hijab full time, but its hard when your surrounded by all non muslims.

keep up the great work mashallah

eternal peace said...

sis i dont know how to link ppl therfore finding it difficult to carry out your tag! lol

Anonymous said...

I so in love with your blog since i found it some days ago.

i was always so confused many muslims girls just look (sorry) ridiclulous in in their clothes...inclunding me. i dont like abays and jilbabs and sometimes all that layers just dont go together....thanks for all the nice stuff

do u wear all these clothes? esp with those shoes?

wasalam from germany

Anonymous said...

ohh hayah, i have a challenge for you, covered lady and beautiful muslimah, how about showing us how to get a few different outfits from say one or two staple items,e.g lots of differrent looks from one abayah or one dress...
eternal peace

Anonymous said...

OMG Hayah I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!!!!!!!! OMG I have to get it!! :D Thankyou!!!!!!!!!

Humaira said...

I acutually really like this outfit and its very wearable! I like alixiana's version also, but since I don't wear the Abaya, this is much more suited to me.

Thanks for this!

Hayah said...

pink marshmallow, thank you! You know what? I bet if you went out in an outfit like this, everyone would be 'wow!'. Keep making dua to Allah (swt) to give you the strength to wear hijab. We're all behind you sis!

eternal, I'll explain over at yours lol. And I look forward to the challenge, as long as we don't end up using the same pieces!

Anon1, thanks for visiting from Deutschland! This outfit is probably not something I'd wear everyday, but if it was for dinner out or something, yeah I probably would! And for everyday use, I don't usually wear heels, because I walk/run around quite a bit, but otherwise I love them!

Anon2 and humaira, thanks!

Aalya said...


Just dropping by... Mashallah I love these styles you post! So glad to see that someone is keeping up with style and yet keeping modest!

Love the vest idea!

Any good ideas when it gets really hot outside...I'm not looking forward to the humid and heat.

Hayah said...

Aalya, thank you!

I've done a couple of posts about summer dressing:

Hope that helps!

Alixianna said...

Again, Hayah, LOVE the shirtdress.

Anonymous said...

haha nice, you put this one up!! and so many comments.. you rock.. also, inshallah you do good on your exams. "GOOD LUCKKKK" xx.

Hayah said...

That has gotta be AsianPranksta rite?


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