Saturday, 29 March 2008

Spring Abaya

This beautiful abaya is perfect for warmer days. Light coloured accessories complement the colour and keep the overall look fresh:

Lilac abaya £26.99, Islam Orient; lilac and peach hijab £11.99, Scarf World; canvas bag £28, Accessorize; taupe peep-toe shoe £25, Dorothy Perkins.


Anonymous said...

That's cute, it's like a qipao without those giant slits up to your hips...kinda why I'm more partial to the ao dai (it comes with pants).

Alixianna said...

You know I'd wear it---pretty pretty and in one of my favourite colours? Alix is going shopping!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!

Anonymous said...


That is such a cute outfit! I recently started wearing jilbab, but still want it to be fun - I like 2 colour coordinate kinda famous 4 it hehe. InshaAllah I hope you'll be posting up more abaya outfits. I just bought the same abaya, but in khaki, till then I owned 3 abaya's - all black!

Hayah said...

Malandi, I haven't a clue what qipao and ao dai are hehe.. do you have any pictures?

Alix, what are you going to buy?

Naeemah, Glad you like it!

Anon, thanks! Yes there will be more abaya outfits to come inshallah!

Oum said...

Yes the abaya is pretty ! I saw light blue and beige ones at I think the light blue one is pretty too.
It would match with a light blur hijab or even white maybe..Great for hot summer days for sure!


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