Saturday, 29 March 2008


Hayah went shopping today in H&M and bought this scarf for £5.99:

I also found these cute 3/4 sleeve shirtdresses, which you'll need to wear a long sleeved top under. They don't suit all figures though unfortunately :(


Anonymous said...

salaams sis, thats a lovely scarf mashaAllah i recently got a green one from H&M crinkled effect one to match with a beautiful bag, but when i got it home it doesn't look like it matches!
i had a tidy up today took all my scarves and shawls subhanAllah i've accumulated alot but the thing is not all suit me, and the scarves dont match the shawls so i i guess i'll look like a mis
as if i haven't written enough just wanted to ask you, you know of this sisters blog who does matching outfits like yours but with abayah/jilbab? i came across it but lost link if you know it please let me know, jazakAllah khayr
eternal peace

Hayah said...

Salaam Eternal,

I will inshallah be doing more abaya outfits (I've posted one already today!), because a few sisters have been requesting them. Other than that, there are no UK based blogs but you can check out Alixianna and Naeemah's blogs:

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

omg i bought this very scarf last week! Great minds think alike! Good for wearing with different colours and so lightweight for the summer :)

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd just stop by an say that a few weeks ago I finally took the step to start wearing hijab, I'd been going on about it for ages and compulsively checking you blog to get into the mindset and now alhamdulillah I've done it!
It was a much easier step than I had expected and in fact most people I knew didn't react at all. I feel s much more comfortable this way and know this was the right choice for me.
Anyway I just wanted to thank you for putting out advice and help for other Muslimahs out there :)

Anonymous said...

Well done for doing it! Its only been 3 months since i started wearing it and it feels good! at first i was apprehensive about it, and thought everyone was staring and i was highly paranoid. However, I have got over it. It feels like I have worn it for a longer time than i have... Its definately the right choice! And i thought it would affect uni too, but it hasnt I am sooo much more comfortable with it whereas before i was hesitant to even go places where i might see people i know!

Of course, i know it was stupid of me to think those thoughts but now ALhumdullilah I am stronger for it!
:D Good luck with it, Arima xx

Organic-Muslimah said...

Wohooo, go Arima!

Organic-Muslimah said...

Love the H&M scarf. I was totally going there today, but my friends had to leave.

I will be blogging about my findings today :)

Hayah said...

Arima!!!! Congratulations mashallah!!!!! I'm so happy for you! See, I told you not to worry? May Allah keep you on the straight path, well done!

Alixianna said...

Mabruk, and masha'Allah fellow new hijabis! May Allah bless you or the example you are to us, and to others, and the strength you are to yourself. You make me proud.

Hijabi Apprentice said...

I love the shirtdresses! Cuteness!


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