Monday, 3 March 2008

Muslim fashion: devout, not drab

By Elizabeth Wellington
Knight Ridder Newspapers

Thursday, May 25, 2006

When Gwendolyn Dawan converted to Islam in 1973, she wore a long skirt, a long top and wrapped her hair.

Today, she designs pinstriped suits and ankle-length denim skirts for Muslim women that are modest, yet follow current fashion trends.

"I get a lot of requests from businesswomen for suits with skirts," said Dawan, who also offers colors such as sage green and patterns such as paisleys in her collection. "Nothing in the Quran says we can't wear color."

Many Muslim women have always worn designer labels underneath their outer garments.

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Anonymous said...

salams just came by your blog today i love it , you have really worked hard on this blog and i just wanna say i appreciate it, im having a hard time at the mo wearing hijab and these ideas you have shown have really helped, take care may allah bless you and your good intentions, as salaams

Hayah said...


Many thanks for your kind comments! i hope you continue to visit and enjoy my blog. I know wearing hijab can be difficult at times, but stick to it, and it will get easier inshallah :)

Anonymous said...

salaams sis hope your well inshaAllah, have just been reading your post on hijab in the middle east, the colours are really pretty, the sister at the bottom picture in white tunic and pink scarf, i was wondering if you know of tops like that available here, long sleeved in light cotton, reasonably priced (under £25) i think they are really comfy in the summer, the knee length ones can be worn woth trousers and the shorter ones with skirts with matching scarves!
eternal peace


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