Friday, 28 March 2008

Gold by Giles

Giles Deacon has collaborated with New Look for his fourth Gold Collection, as modelled by Agyness Deyn. There are two pieces that are great for hijab. The first are the wide-leg sateen trousers, available in black and beige. They're just perfect for dressing up, and the black one goes well with the long sleeved print dress:


Anonymous said...

I love the print dress...but is that actually part of the collection. Either I'm being completely blind or it's not there.

Hayah said...

Yeah they removed the dress from their website, but you can still find it instore for £25. Beware it appears to be tight-fitting though, so you'll have to size up.

Alixianna said...

I love that dress-LOL I couldn't wear it out---too busty for Jersey but I would so wear it in my house with some awesome earrings. And those trousers are perfect for me---I always in the winter wear pants under my abayas snd trousers are so nice---you can whip off your abaya and have the hottest little top on underneath and your ready for a good time and some compliments-masha'Allah-from you sisters,


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