Thursday, 20 March 2008

Cold Weather Dressing

I received a request from one reader a couple of days ago saying: I've lived in the US all of my life and have never experienced the cold, luckily, however, over my break i will be going to an extremely cold country and i have no idea how to dress..can you give me some tips on how to look cute and still be warm?

I love dressing for colder weather, because you can find lots of modest clothes in shops around Winter time. Have a look at some of my older posts including Winter wardrobe essentials, and the cosy cardigan outfit. I love wearing long cardigans to keep warm.

The key to keeping away the chills is wearing lots of layers. This also allows you to remove some of your outwear for when you are indoors, and it's not so cold. Use a pretty pashmina as a hijab, and don't forget legwarmers, scarves and gloves:

Pashmina, H&M; black knitted tunic £35, Oli; long sleeved t-shirt £7, Dorothy Perkins; black and white coat £30, Debenhams; chunky wrap cardigan £12, ASOS; bootcut jeans £25, Dorothy Perkins; leather gloves £15, Dorothy Perkins; frame bag £15, Wallis; high-leg boots £70, Barratts.

I hope this outfit has given you some ideas of how to dress for colder weather. I've used neutral colours only here, so you could always add something to brighten it up!


Anonymous said...

very cute:) I'd wear this except for I'd change the jeans and shirts for a nice black abaya:D


Anonymous said...

This is magnificently, axactly what I want to wear. I would not change anything. Especialy,I like this black boots, very modern.
Thank you for this guide for muslim girls.


Alixianna said...

Since I am an abaya girl at heart I'd probably change it up like Naeemah suggested but I LOVE LOVE the chunky cardigan and that pretty snow queen hijab, Masha'Allah.

Hayah said...

Naeemah, Alixianna, chunky knits would look so cute over an abaya!

Anon, Thank you very much!

z.n. said...

thank you so much!! that was exactly what i was looking for :)

Organic-Muslimah said...

I demand that it becomes spring like now!

(okay wait, it is spring, it's just tooooooooooooooooo cold)

Hayah said...

You're welcome z.n.!

Organic, can you believe it was snowing here a few minutes ago?


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