Thursday, 13 March 2008


BrandAlley is a private online sales boutique, which offers 30-70% off designer clothing and accessories such as Chloé, D&G, Paul Smith, Simon Carter, Fendi and Guess. At the moment they are offering 70% off Fendi sunglasses, with prices starting from £40!

You'll also receive a £5 voucher to spend at the website for every friend you refer, when they make a purchase.

Each sale is only available for one week, so hurry and check it out!


Vanessa Fatima said...

OMG they have some great deals... boo they don't deliver to the US :(

Hayah said...


Here is a similar designer discount website that ships to the USA:

Vanessa Fatima said...

ohh wow, you're awesome. thanks!

Sofi said...

btw, hayah, are you a member? i ask because is this a trust worthy site..if so and youve bought from this place, i will join!!

Hayah said...


I am a member but have not ordered yet. I think it's a trustworhty site, considering it's been advertised in national newspapers, and even on my MSN messenger!

Sofi said...

Ok, thanks. These is extravagant spending maybe I shouldn’t join..!!

For some annoying reason I cant log in to my blogger account to respond.


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