Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Springtime Sweet

Maybe if I dress for spring, it'll come around quicker? This little white dress is great for spring. Ruffles are big right now, and the ones on this dress aren't too over-the-top. Add a brightly coloured cardigan for a casual day outfit, or throw on a blazer for a sharper look. The best thing is the price - £10 from Primarni, er I mean Primark :P

White dress £10; Primark, green cardigan £11; La Redoute, striped scarf £6.99; H&M, wide leg jeans £25; Dorothy Perkins, bracelets £10; Accessorize, wedge sandals £20; New Look, leather tote £60; Topshop.


ammena said...

love it! I was in primark when i last went home, have to say wasnt impressed.. but have been known to spend in that shop :P

Anonymous said...

Sabaah al-khair, Hayah!

I'm Canadian, living in the UK now for only a month. I was mystified as to where I could buy modest clothing here until I stumbled upon your blog!

You're such a blessing :)

Thank you for writing about how women can fashionably cover up & that modesty is holy. I truly admire your work.

Many thanks,

ali said...

Hi, hope you are doing well. I have to say i love your blog, every time i check my mail its become a regular habit to check your blog for the latest hijab friendly trends. I have a request. My youngest sister has decided to start wearing a hijab and since im so proud of her i have promised her that id take her shopping but i am a bit confused as to what would suit a 13 year old hijabi girl. I hope you will post something that might help because id still like her to look young and not too dressy but still presentable........

Anonymous said...

salaams sis its eternal peace yet again with another request if thats possible! i love denim blazers and i remember few years ago they were selling them everywhere but i dont see them around no more, i want one for this spring! lol i'm looking forward to you replying to sister ali aswell because i have a younger sister whose now growing up and we are encouraging her to dress modestly now inshaAllah
take care wasalam

Hayah said...

Ooh so many requests hehe..


Primake isn't that great, but since it's so cheap, people go in and buy loads, and end up spending hundreds of pounds! It's also very popular with ladies from the Gulf for some reason.

Sabah el noor Avielah! I hope you enjoy your stay in the UK, and if you ever need anything, I'll try my best to help!

Ali and Eternal,

I'll get working on your requests straight away! I love dressing my younger sister too hehe (much to her dismay!)

ammena said...

soferet where in UK are you? and where in Canada are u from? Im from UK and live currently in Canada :P Ontario to be a little more specific.. :D fi amenallah

Anonymous said...

Hayah, thanks so much for your quick answer! I'm getting married in June, G@d willing, so I plan to be in the UK for some time :)
If you have any pointers on where to buy long skirts & dresses that would be a big help! Thank you!

Ammena, I grew up in British Columbia - mostly Victoria but also Vancouver. Imam Fode Drame in Vancouver is amazing. I live in Ilford now. Where in the UK are you from & where in Ontario are you living?

ammena said...

Im from Liverpool, and I currently live in Cambridge :) yeh Jana :P cambridge heehee... leave a message on my blog if u want to stay in touch insha'allah

Anonymous said...

Liverpool, cool, my grandfather was born there :)

I'll check out your blog - really nice to "meet" you here.


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