Sunday, 23 March 2008

Afifah Collection Update

You may remember my post here previously about the Hijab Shop's Afifah clothing range. The website says that new stock will be arriving in March 2008, but there's still nothing there, so I enquired and the staff said: 'It has been slightly delayed, we are expecting delivery on the first week of April and we will inshaAllah have it on the site 1-2 weeks after that.'

Looking forward to seeing the new collection inshallah!


Anonymous said...

salam..great site...could you give those of us who wear jilbabs ideas on how to make them more trendy? I usually have them sewn and mine are more like dresses so I'm looking for how complete the look.

You have a real talent for putting together outfits masha'allah!


Alixianna said...

LOL on my blog, and Naeemah's, Hayah, everyone requests outfits like yours, and on yours everyone wants to know what you would do with jilbab.

Hayah said...

Rabs, I'll do some abaya outfits soon inshallah.

Alixianna, so true hehe! The next post is dedicated to you :D

Sienna Abdulahad said...

I recently made a purchase from the afifah range. Hopefully it's in stock and insha Allah it will get to me soon. I'm in the US

Masha Allah for this blog. i have been trying to find trendy clothing for hijab. I stopped covering becuase people looked at me crazy in my area. So this time I'm going to cover and i'm not going back. This time I have clothing that fits my perosality thanks to hijabstyle.
shukran muslimah

Hayah said...


Thank you :) Mashallah for starting to wear hijab again! Don't worry about what other people think, you're doing this for Allah (swt) alone.

Let us know what you think of pruchases when you received them!

Anonymous said...

will do.

-from sienna

Sienna40 said...

I love the new afifah clothing I just received it.
I like the combat style jilbabs from silk route clothing as well. So excited to find the hijab shop.


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