Friday, 22 February 2008

Street Style

Here's an adaptation of a look often seen on the streets of London: short cardigan over skinny jeans. I've used wide-leg jeans paired with a soft, long cardigan:

Hijab £5.49; MuslimBase, shirt £22; Dorothy Perkins, jeans £25; Dorothy Perkins, cardigan; La Redoute, leather chain bag £35; Topshop, shoes £28; Faith.


ammena said...

lol, adaptation?? I would call it the reverse :P nice though sis masha'allah.. dunno how long cardigans would look on me though, well the style that you give is more a stretched cardy dont you think? :P

Hayah said...

Reverse in that it's not short and tight, but still in keeping with the casual layered look of shirt and cardi over jeans.. Yeah the cardi does look a bit funny in that pic, but it's definitely a long one, about mid thigh depending on how tall you are. I love long cardis they're so versatile :)

Vanessa Fatima said...

OMG I love love love this outfit! Def going to try to find similar things here in California on my next shopping trip. (: jazakullah!


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