Monday, 25 February 2008

Lighten Up

Scarf Ace left me a request: "I know it's still cold in most places, but I live in a very hot climate. could you please post some suggestions for outfits, scarves and fabrics for hot weather?"

Lucky you for living somewhere with nice weather... hopefully it'll get hotter here soon! The choice of fabric is important when choosing what clothes to buy in a hot climate. Try to avoid synthetics like polyester, and instead opt for cotton and linen. Beware however, that linen does become creased very quickly! Avoid bulky pashminas, and try to find lighter scarves. Wide leg trousers, maxi dresses and long skirts are also great for keeping cool.

Light, floaty dresses are going to be big this spring. If it's short sleeved, layer over a long sleeved cotton top, and add a cardgian for cooler evenings:

More light summer dresses:


AsianPranksta said...

ooo,, luv it

Scarf Ace said...

thank you so much!!!jazakaallah.. i appreciate it! :-)


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