Sunday, 3 February 2008

Feeling Blue

Continuing the blue theme from my earlier post, here are more hijabi-friendly pieces I've found. From baby blue to navy, there's sure to be a shade that suits you. There are loads of gorgeous blue accessories around too. Click on the image for details:


eternal peace said...

salaams sis i'm soo sorry for this late reply, i want to say a big thankyou and jazakAllah khayr for your efforts, for putting up outfits for graduation sis, i also like the denim skirt post coz i love my denim skirts, i went to H&M and asked about the skirt you mentioned but the sales assistants didn;t have a clue! inshaAllah i'm going to look around other h&ms!

thanks once again

Anonymous said...

I have the teal tunic from New Look. It's really cute and they have a long-sleeve shirt there in a similar teal colour that I wear underneath it.

I also love blue.

Thanks for all of your hard work!

Hayah said...

Eternal Peace,

You're welcome! Let me know what you decide on in the end! It's annoying when one store has something you want, but another doesn't stock it :( Inshallah you'll find it!


I love it when a shop has matching long sleeve tops to wear underneath! I love blue too :)

eternal peace said...

i still haven't decided what to wear sis lol, i'm thinking of expanding my options and going for a smart shirt dress(full sleeves) and smart trousers lol


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