Friday, 15 February 2008

Cartoon: It happens

Translation: 'It happens'

The woman is saying: 'I thought I would wear hijab for Ramdan!!'

Notice the guy in the background saying: 'Oh Allah, I am fasting!'

I'll leave you guys to comment ;)


Anonymous said...

haha...awh it's true. Though I haven't seen it to that extent in the Philippines.

Hayah said...

Yep the cartoon is exagerrating the issue! But I've seen 'hijabis' walking around with any of the following: tight clothes, short skirts, low-cut tops, short-sleeves, etc. Hijab is more than just a headscarf!

Anonymous said...

I think it's even better to do not wear hijab but dress and BEHAVE ( many forget that too!) modestly, than wearing it like an acesssoire or without understanding its use.(it ust makes a bad reputation)
I've also seen so many girls wearing (mainly) esarps (because of tradition) but being dressed sexy and wearing lots of make-up ...
that's just another way to seduce man, and that is exactly what you shouldn't be heading for as a modest women!

Anonymous said...

I find this cartoon utterly laughable. Reading the comment posted makes me a little sad … “that's just another way to seduce man” Why are women always portrayed as the seductress… I mean really since when did wearing make-up mean you’re a whore that goes around seducing “virtuous” Muslim men? I mean come one that's the freakin' double standard for you...a guy find any reason to look at a women in encoded in their DNA. I wear a hijab and a short sleeve does that make me less of Muslim then you? Why are we the ones that have to constantly succumb to a men’s wishes…. they been given silent privileges that there are completely oblivious to…..I never understood why guys aren’t simply told not look…why are we the problem ?

Hayah said...


I'm sorry you feel that way, but I found a lot of misunderstanding in your comment.

Firstly, the poster above you made a very valid point. In many Muslim countries, hijab has become just an 'accessory'. Many girls will wear a headscarf, with tight clothes and make up. Why? Because they are trying to show people that they are 'modern' but also 'respectable'.


No one here said that a woman wearing make up was a whore. But the fact is, wearing a kilo of make up on your face is not appropriate with hijab. It defeats the whole idea of modesty.


Only Allah can judge us. A woman without hijab maybe much worthier in His eyes than a woman who is fully covered. No one is making judgements of character based on what you wear.


Men ARE told not to look! Islam orders men to lower their gazes before ordering women to cover. I realise at times that society does not enforce that, and that needs to change. But at the end of the day, lets look at ourselves, and ask ourselves if we are doing all we can to follow Allah's commandments before getting angry at others.

AsianPranksta said...

Beautiful comment, Hayah.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikom,
Welcome to Dearborn... heh

Anonymous said...

its sad but i know so many people that do this!.. esp with only wearing the hijab during r

***Marycha's Blog said...

In my country Indonesia, on ramdan month, everyone apparently want to be more religious. They improve their worship to Allah SWT. Like this picture too. But i think we should not do like that, because the important thing is consistency what we do.

Anonymous said...

there is no use of wearing hijab but still not covering other parts of your body. it seems ridiculous. this show how peolpe misinterpret the true meaning of wearing hijab. it is not about covering your hair only. it is about embracing god's utmost rule to women. one must be truly sincere of fulfilling that.......whatever it is, wearing such attire is some kind of insulting islam...


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