Monday, 28 January 2008

Update Your Fashion Wardrobe

I found this great article on called '10 Ways to Update Your Fashion Wardrobe'. The tips they give are really helpful:

"With new trends popping up each season, it's easy to get lost in the world of fashion. For quick and easy ways to update your "look," check out 10 style tips that are guaranteed to make you look and feel better about yourself.

1. Purge! Before you can begin thinking about creating a new personal style or look, you must evaluate your current wardrobe.

Go through each item of clothing in your closet and dresser. If you have not worn a particular item in the past 6 months – or if it does not fit well – then you should get rid of it. When you are finally free of your old wardrobe you will be mentally prepared to start anew. And the bonus is you'll now have space to fill your closet with brand-new pieces that flatter your figure."

Read the rest here.

One thing I would add, is if you are clearing out your wardrobe, consider giving away your old clothes to Mosques and Islamic charities who distribute them to the needy. That way you will have a nice tidy wardrobe, and gain reward at the same time inshallah!

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