Saturday, 5 January 2008


'Tesettür' is what the Turkish use to refer to Islamic fashion. Their style is one I really like...always elegant and beautiful. I did a previous post here about Turkish style scarves, but what about the rest of the outfit? Click on the pictures to see more:

So far Jilbe is the only website I've found selling Tesettür fashion in the UK, but you can easily create your own by using key pieces such as full length skirts, blazers, long jackets and beautiful silk scarves.


ammena said...

masha'allah i love it... i wonder if its cheaper in turkey. My friend is working over there at the moment :P

Hayah said...


Yes clothes in Turkey are really cheap!! We went their just over a year ago.. I only wish I'd bought more lol!

suzy said...

i love the white one tooo mush nice work hayah go on...


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