Thursday, 3 January 2008

Hijabs 'a personal choice'

Here's an article which was published in Canada last month:

There may be exceptions, but a Halifax imam says that "the great majority of women, including youth who wear hijabs, do (so) out of their own conviction."

Jamal Badawi made the remarks in the wake of an Ontario murder earlier this week, after a teenaged girl was killed. Aqsa Parvez's father has been charged with her murder. Friends of the slain teenager said she frequently clashed with her family over wearing traditional Muslim clothing, including the hijab head scarf.

Badawi, the founder of the Islamic Information Foundation in Halifax, warned against the stereotyping of hijabs based on a few cases of intimidation. He has three daughters and several grand-daughters who wear the headscarves, and nobody forces them, he said.

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quitecontrary said...

salams,yea theres always a minority in which this kind of case happens,as in murder, which the media pounces upon. Most people have the choice of whether or not to wear it, and come to their decision on their own..

Anonymous said...


I simply can't understand why everybody's always picking on the hijab, when they critisize islam ...
It's just such a tiny part of it!
And by the way, there are enough lunatics in every culture. why are the muslim ones always treated differently? A murderer is a murderer no matter where he comes from!

UmAbbas said...

about the right of choice what to wear and how to look and other choices which changes the life is possible to discuss on a new forum over here … thanks and have a great day.


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