Thursday, 10 January 2008

H&M Scarves

I was browsing in H&M yesterday and was pleased to find that they have over 20 scarves on sale that we can use as hijabs! They have plain and printed pashminas, shaylas and a couple of square scarves. The shaylas are mostly striped, and come in lots of colours including purple, green, blue, pink, orange, brown, black and white. My favourite was a cream coloured one with light pink and brown stripes. Prices start at £4.99!


ammena said...

nice price masha'allah, shame i cant check em out. I do have a cream shayla with diamante sparkles on from the kids section of H&M that i bought for about $5 masha'allah

Hayah said...

Sounds pretty :) H&M always seem to have loads of great scarves.. it's like they cater specifically for us :D


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