Monday, 14 January 2008

Flower Hijab Wrap

Here is a cute way to wrap a shayla hijab, with a flower on the side. Click on the image to enlarge:


ammena said...

cute masha'allah, if her ears and neck werent showing so much i would try it. Thanks sis.

Hayah said...

Yeah in the pictures she hasn't pulled the hijab down far enough over her ears :s The neck should be pretty much covered up though. You can control this by wraping the long end of the shayla higher on your head, as opposed to the pics where she's just wrapped it over her bun.

Hijabi Apprentice said...

Love it! Will try and duplicate it!

sakina said...

i love it 2 will try pullin it higher see if itgets more covering ifso ive found my new style

eternal peace said...

salaams sister, hope your well inshaAllah i came across your blog few weeks back alhamdulillah i'm loving it, but sis i got a task for you if u want, your mission should you wish to accept (sorry couldn't resist!) is to find an outfit for a hijabis graduation ceromony inshaAllah, dark colours, they said its best to wear a blouse so the buttons can attatch to the gown well i'm thinking long skirt and blouse, i usually wear abayas so if you know of any nice abayas that will suit gradutaion that will be good too inshaAllah
jazakAllah khayr wasalam
p.s btw i dnt mean to give u tasks u never even asked for so please dnt think i'm being rude!

Hayah said...

This style seems to be popluar :D

Eternal Peace,

I would LOVE to help!! I'm pleased that your asking for my advice :), hopefully I will succeed!

Just a few questions: What is your budget? And also which colours do you prefer?

I'll get working on this right away!

eternal peace said...

aww sis ur soo sweet jazakAllah khayr, i think i want darker colours not blak tho, though if you know of any lighter colour outfits i wud like to have a look, my budget is inshaAllah no more than £80 i've been browsing online for some hijabi graduation pics to get ideas lol cant find any!

hoda said...

veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery cute it's the most great thing i found in your website how to wear hijab very imprtant .... i want more ways to wear hijab gazak allah 5yaran waga3lo fe mezan 7asnatek

lucy j. said...

what magazine is thiz sizter?

Hayah said...

Eternal Peace,

If you were to wear a blouse and skirt, I think it would be difficult to find a nice, long skirt in any colour other than black! I'll keep looking inshallah, and in the meantime, I'll post different styles of abayas for you to look at!


This isn't from any particular magazine, it's just screenshots from a video.

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu Alaykum,

JazakAllahu khayran for the images. Can you post a link to the video so we can see the entire process?

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

very cute
the funny thing is i actually did this before and i totally didnt know that it was already "invented" haha
one day i just thought i wanted to change my hijab style so i did this and here i am now seeing her doing it the exact same way :D

Hayah said...


Sorry but I don't have the link to the video!


Hehe that's great! It's amazing what you can come up with just playing about with scarves :)

Anonymous said...

e peace-u should go to a tailors and hand them some material u like, id be surprised if they charged u £80.00

Anonymous said...

hey sister, could you pls write the instrution for this??

Anonymous said...

Hii!!! I would really love the instructions for this style. I really cant figure out hhow to do that gorgeous flower thing on the side. it would be really helpful. Thanks sooo muchh!! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh masha'Allah! LOVE these Hijab styles! Although I would have loved it to cover the chest a little more, but either way, it looks great (Insh-Allah, I can find a way to solve that prob). I also love how this style allows you to show your earrings (without showing your ears). Not sure if showing your earrings is a wrong thing though?

Anyway, thank you sooo much for contributing so much of your time & putting so much effort into this site! Greatly

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum,

Please try and remember that hijab shouldnt be styled in a way where you disregard the rules. i fell into the trap of making it look nice instead of wearing it properly in order to cover my neck and ears. ive changed that now and hope i continue this way.

Just a little advice... :)

i agree with the 2 comments at the top. bit of an adjustment and your good 2 go.

khuda hafiz


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